Yoga For Stress

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Yoga Teacher Training for Diabetes

When you attend a 200-hour yoga certification course, you are often trained to work with athletic types. After a yoga instructor begins teaching, he or she addresses the most common health problems. Sooner, or later, an instructor will have a student who is a diabetic.

Yoga Teacher Training for Sciatica

When looking at intensive courses for continuing education, most workshops and advanced yoga certification courses will generally be organized to address a number of common ailments. For example: A yoga for back pain course is not entirely about sciatica, but the will be addressed during the course. Let’s look at some issues concerning the sciatic nerve, which will help us get the most out of a specialized yoga teacher training for back problems.

Yoga Teacher Training for Reaching Schools

There are many opportunities, which are not discussed in a typical yoga teacher training. Most trainers may make you think the only opportunities are in their studio or ashram. When you take any yoga certification course, networking to the local community is usually brushed over. Usually, you have to do your own homework in reaching out to the community, but it is even more difficult when reaching out to areas where children congregate.

Teaching Yoga to Today’s Children

A yoga teacher should encourage an atmosphere that is by nature noncompetitive and nonjudgmental; there are no tests, no cliques, and a child’s only competition is to improve gradually. Yoga class can be a safe haven for kids who have felt left behind socially or academically, and the feelings of success and accomplishment that they get from participating in classes will carry on to all aspects of their life.

Yoga Cures Cervical Cancer

This article talks about how yoga and meditation are capable of curing cervical cancer. It also mentions how the breathing techniques used in yoga can aid in the cure.

The Tirumandiram: A Monumental Publication

A new English language translation of the Tirumandiram was released at a gala celebration in Chennai, India on January 17, 2010. The Chief Guests were Sri P. Chidambaram, the Honorable Union Home Minister, and the heads of the Saiva monasteries at Dharmapuram, Tiruvavaduthurai, and Tiruppanandal, and the Tamil Nadu State Minister for Hindu and Religious Endowments…

How Learning Yoga Completely Changed My Life Forever

How yoga poses changed my life. Ever since I began working night shift as a customer support, my body clock has drastically changed, and for months, I felt restless and sleepless, adding up to stress that I have back from the office. At first, I was overly skeptical how this could work and what yoga benefits could I get, but still I gave it a try and started with basic yoga bedtime poses.

What Doctors Should Know About Yoga

Yoga is being studied more and more, following an explosion of interest in it over the last ten years. As a result, experienced practitioners feel gratified that their claims of derived benefits have been and will continue to be substantiated by science. However, not everyone in the medical community is on board, and there are a few things to keep in mind when talking to doctors about yoga.

Yoga For Infertility – An Alternative?

Yoga serves as an excellent alternative or complementary way to influence a woman’s body toward a healthier, more productive balance. Due to the fact that asanas strengthen and tone the body in an attempt to establish a mind-body awareness, women or couples who practice derive the physical benefits of healthier bodies in addition to the relaxation benefits that meditating and practicing breathing techniques offer.

When Is Yoga Unsafe for Pregnancy?

As a relatively low-impact activity, yoga practice is an ideal healthy fitness routine for pregnant women. Doctors recommend that pregnant women exercise regularly, following certain guidelines.