Yoga for Posture – No More Back Pain!

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How Important Is Sanskrit When Teaching Yoga?

In order to fully understand anything, it is crucial to get all the necessary background information. Sanskrit is the language in which Yoga originated. It is, therefore, an integral part of the deeper study of Yoga. When a teacher studies Yoga, it is extremely important to understand where it came from, as well as how it has changed.

How Hot Yoga Helps With Weight Loss, Fitness

Weight loss is all about treating the body well. This means eating well and investing in an exercise regimen that not only speeds up the heart, but also strengthens and tones the muscles.

Flexibility of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a trending exercise done in a room with the temperature of 40 to 41 degrees Celsius. This temperature is similar or even higher than the temperature in some countries or cities like India, Mexico or Miami in summer time. The temperature is also as steaming as sauna rooms.

Teaching Yoga: Communication Skills

Communication skills are an integral part of teaching Yoga. A Yoga teacher needs to be able to convey a body of knowledge and skills to his or her students in an effective manner. It is not enough to simply know the material inside and out, a teacher must be able to give the knowledge to the students in a useful way.

How To Gain Balance In Your Work And Life

Most people like to have a degree of balance in their lives. It is in this place that life usually feels easier and that everything is flowing more smoothly.

Achieving Flexibility and Fitness With Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has evolved into what it is today. Most yoga classes will first primarily focus on the different physical poses that are used and will then add in some breathing and meditation techniques.

Value of Compassion in Correcting Yoga Students

There comes a time in every Yoga instructor’s practice where they must learn how to correct others in a way that is tactful, informative, and gentle. Forming a good technique for correcting others takes time and practice.

Teaching Yoga: When to Assist

There are several aspects to teaching Yoga. Yoga instructors must first know all the postures and how to perform them; they must know the correct verbal cues; understand the benefits and risks associated with each pose; be able to convey the philosophies and techniques of Yoga concisely, and be a positive role model to students.

What Exactly Is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga has become a very popular style of yoga in the USA. I’ll explain what vinyasa yoga is, and what you can expect in a vinyasa class.

Methods for Correcting Yoga Students

Yoga students come to class with a variety of pre-existing health conditions. A diverse Yoga class, full of students, might be a bit intimidating to the new instructor. One student has been practicing for 10 years, and feels comfortable flowing from one pose to the next; another has practiced with a few Yoga DVDs at home, but is still rather new; one has high blood pressure; and another has just informed you of an old knee injury.