Yoga for Menopause with RFY Teacher Louise Pitman: Real Flow Yoga

Yoga for menopause with RFY teacher Louise Pitman

Louise Pitman is a Salisbury-based yoga teacher who specializes in uterine yoga with a particular focus on empowering women during perimenopause and menopause.

As Louise delved deeper into her own yoga practice, she could no longer ignore the wisdom of her own body that essentially guided her to pay more attention to the changing nature of her belly as she entered perimenopause. She felt that something was wrong with the traditional yoga practice she was used to.

This inspired her to seek it out Yoga teacher training course Real Flow Yoga’s Well Womb Woman. This course was especially appealing to her because she liked how it emphasizes philosophy, practice, and yogic sequences as tools for women’s well-being.

“Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water when it comes to traditional yoga, I liked how the RFY Well Womb course remains true to yoga and the offerings of the source of traditional practice.

Instead of a linear or rigid system, the RFY approach gives permission for an intuitive empowering practice that is more suited to a woman’s body. says Louise.

In this Zoom discussion I ask Louise about her approach to managing perimenopause and we discuss the importance of preparing for menopause and the role and benefits of yoga for this.

yoga for menopauseLouise highlights how the medical system and society as a whole are persecuted by the patriarch, who feeds the identity and role of women within society when menopause.

She talks about the importance of changing the negative narrative about menopause. Menopause should be revered as a moment of great wisdom and vision and therefore can be experienced as a new beginning rather than an end.

Louise offers a variety of workshops and retreats that honor the cycles and seasons of maternal life. You can learn more about Louise and her offers here

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