Yoga For Meaning

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Finding Yoga in the Flame of a Candle

Cultures throughout the world find the act of lighting candles a sacred ritual. From the colorful assortment that lights up a birthday cake to the mounds of flickering yellow sticks that brightens a Buddhist temple, human beings clearly find something very special in the glow of a candle. According to ancient yoga texts, “trataka” is the practice of concentrating one’s gaze on a small, clear fixed object until the eyes tear.

Yoga For Lower Backache

Lower backache can have negative effects on a person’s overall quality of life.┬áBack pain can be debilitating, and a person who suffers from lower backaches can feel they are missing out on life and are susceptible to depression and anxiety.

Yoga – Find Your Natural State

Yoga is associated with fitness – even category trees in directories list it alongside aerobics, zumba & pilates. And they are perfectly right. But that’s just one part of the story.

Charting Your Yoga Practice

Many people take up the practice of yoga and other internal arts, and eventually quit when they feel that their progress has slowed. The purpose of this article is to give you some guidelines with which to assess your progress. Please bear in mind that these guidelines differ from person to person and with the amount of time spent on practice.

Reduce Your Stress – Learn To Meditate

Regular meditation helps us to step out of our mind and away from the constant chatter which can often be tiring, negative and even self destructive. Through meditation we are able to connect with our body, and through doing so, experience the wonders of being present, thus helping us to spend more time living in the now.

A Yoga Guide to Cleaning Your Insides

I want to talk about “varisara dhauti” for just a moment. Today, the more well-known name for this practice is “shankhaprakshalana.” Dhauti, as most informed yogis know, are cleansing techniques prescribed by traditional hatha yoga.

Determine If Yoga Teacher Training Is For You

Yoga is hardly a novelty. It is taught in gyms and yoga-specific studios all over the world. As more people look for these classes, more teachers are needed. In perfect harmony, the more students there, the larger the pool from which yoga teacher training programs can pull for new teachers.

Who Can Benefit From Yogassage?

Whenever our movement and flexibility are affected, it is definitely a sign that something is wrong with our physical body. This would certainly lead us to detecting medical conditions, dysfunctions, or disorders that are responsible for such restriction and difficulty in our range of motion. There are several medical care methods that were designed to address such health issues which include medicines, exercises, diet, and massage therapy.

Discover The Basics Of Yoga Teacher Training

Most of the recognized and accredited yoga teacher training programs are fairly intensive. The yoga industry and community certainly wants to ensure that anyone holding a certificate to teach yoga meets certain minimum requirements. Each school can set its own curriculum, but if it wants to produce qualified teachers it will generally comply with industry standards.

Yoga: Doing Yoga Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive!

I was a little reluctant in becoming addicted to the whole yoga fad especially because I thought that there were a lot of expenditures involved in it. That was then, but after having a quick chat with a friend who’s been doing yoga for years I discovered how yoga can be done without all the extra expenses and without even diminishing the standard of your yoga practice.