Yoga Flow With Duke And Indy

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Yoga for Women – Best Alternative for Healthy Weight Loss

There are numerous reasons why woman take up the practice of yoga. Some wish to create a body which is both supple and strong. Other women wish to regain their youthful vitality and want to look their best.

Yoga Benefits for Women

A common area that many women would like to improve is their stomach. It is interesting then that many eastern spiritual practices put great emphasis on the lower abdomen as being the centre of our whole body. This is in sharp contrast to the western way of thinking which treats the stomach as merely a repository for food.

Power Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga teachers can benefit from taking a Power Yoga teacher training course, as aspects of this particular form of Yoga can be added into an already established practice. In order to grow a Yoga practice, teachers must not be static. The practice of Yoga has evolved over time and teachers have been at the forefront of that movement.

Guide To Yoga Instructor Training

The environment has become very hectic and people are doing many things to get them healthy again. The idea behind this is to make sure that people can remain focused and on point when it comes to the daily tasks of the world. The stress of life can be very detrimental to people if they are not prepared for it.

Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 2

It’s often highlighted that yoga has an added spiritual context, and is more than just a mere exercise regimen. Doing yoga exercises, which includes meditation and other relaxation methods, can indeed significantly relieve stress, as well as bring a peaceful and soothing sensation to the person. Most yoga advocates agree that doing twenty minutes of meditation would be comparable to sleeping for eight hours.

Yoga Is Your Life

Learn how to apply what you learn in yoga class in every day life. Understand the importance of a solo practice.

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat for You

Having trouble picking out the right yoga mat to buy? There are many factors to selecting the best yoga mat, and this guide will go over the most important factors. Find the perfect yoga mat for you!

The Connection of Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda are intimately woven together throughout the texts of the Vedas. The Vedas are ancient Indian spiritual texts that were compiled over a period of time beginning approximately 3,000 years ago in the Himalayan region of India.

Yoga Poses to Balance the Kapha Dosha

The term “dosha” arises from Ayurveda and is translated to mean a person’s physical and emotional constitutional nature. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An individual is comprised of a combination of these three constitutions. When any one of these doshas is out of balance, an individual can experience disease and a general sense of being unwell physically and/or mentally.

No More Excuses, Just Do It!

The bottom line is that there are so many ways to exercise for any amount at any reasonable location. I like Nike’s slogan in their commercials “Just Do it!” If you have the right attitude and want to stay healthy, you will get out of the “I don’t have time” mode eventually, once that happens, it opens the door for a better life ahead of you!