Yin Yoga & Affirmations for HEALTH – Yin Yoga with Blocks

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3 Ways to Make Your Yoga Business More Profitable

Now that you’ve started a yoga business, you need to increase your profits. Here are a few simple steps for you to follow in order to boost your yoga revenue.

5 Easy Yoga Postures to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The effectiveness of Yoga on our body and mind has already been established, and today people by the dozen are turning to yoga with the hopes of improving the quality of their lives. Speaking of which, no other factor taints your health and quality of life more than stress and anxiety. Stress has often been compared to a slow moving time bomb that can cause life-altering conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart conditions in a perfectly healthy body within a short span of time.

The First Limb of the Eight Limbs of Yoga: Yama

Yoga is a way of life. Huh? Many might ask: Isn’t yoga like a stretching class or a great way to get a workout in? While it is true that muscles will be lengthened, strengthened, and challenged in a typical yoga class, the physical practice of yoga, the Asana, wasn’t developed so we could burn some calories and look great in those tight fitting yoga clothes. Though we may sweat, get toned, and burn off last night’s dessert in the yoga studio, yoga is not really just a workout. It is a spiritual philosophy that developed within the Hindu religion, and like the spiritual philosophies of many religions, it is a way of life. The Eight Limbs of Yoga are guidelines and practices for how to live a good life, be a good person, and maybe even attain enlightenment. Here I will discuss the First Limb of Yoga.

Finding The Right Work Out Regimen For Men

Balancing an intense work out routine with a low impact work out regimen for men has gained popularity as well as importance over the years. More and more men are enjoying the practice of yoga, often in conjunction with other work out routines to diversify the results.

Perform Yoga To Gain Height

Yoga is a form of exercise that not only makes the body of a person flexible but also keeps his internal organs healthy. Yoga is just perfect, be it for getting a fresh and peaceful mind or for having a healthy body, and the best part is, it does not have any side effects like most medicines. Doctors have proved that yoga helps in solving digestion problems and also eases back pain.

Reducing Belly Fat By Doing Yoga

People who are fat or obese often have the misconception that by doing yoga they would not be able to reduce their belly fat. However, this is completely wrong, because doctors have proved that yoga helps to reduce fat and many people have seen positive effects after doing yoga. The exercises or asanas will not only help you to reduce your belly fat but will also strengthen the muscles of the body.

Prevent Hair Loss By Doing Yoga

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss and if you think that you look old at a premature age then it is time that you start performing yoga on a daily basis. This is in fact one of the best and effective ways to tackle the problem of excessive hair fall. You may have used various shampoos that promise to prevent hair fall, but ultimately it does not really work out and results in more hair fall.

Yoga As A Career Option

Yoga is a physical exercise which is associated with the tradition of India. This is not only aligned with physical emergence but also assimilates with God. Yoga is connecting with body; mind and soul which calms the mind and helps to relieve stress.

Brief History and An Introduction to Yoga

Who wouldn’t like to keep their body fit and healthy? There are numerous diet and fitness regimes that circle around in different countries. But can you trust them all until you actually try it?

Yoga For The Wellness of Your Respiratory System

The respiratory system consists of the lungs, nose, bronchial tube, pharynx, larynx and trachea. The respiratory system is one of the most important system of the human body. Without this, it would be impossible for the body to get the required amount of oxygen and also to get rid of the harmful carbon dioxide.