Why do you want to stop running from your side of the shadows

We all have a “shadow” side. Our personal ‘shadow’ is made up of parts of ourselves that we don’t accept and don’t want to see. Our shadow is rooted in shame, for our sense of being basically unworthy or deficient as we are.

When we run away from our shadow, it becomes a useless force in our psyche because the more we try to hide from certain parts of ourselves, the more we feel that we are unworthy and deficient.

I it is these rejected and invisible parts of ourselves that are the source of much of our neurosis and personal suffering.

Thus, fleeing from our shadow prolongs our suffering, keeps us trapped in unhelpful conditionings, and prevents us from caring for the parts of ourselves that need our attention and healing the most.

It is a downward spiral.

There is an old Buddhist story about this that serves as both a warning and an awakening.

The man who never stopped running

Some time ago, there was a man who was afraid of his own shadow who tried to run away from her. But of course, no matter how fast he ran or how far he went, his shadow always kept pace.

He thought he could never be happy if he didn’t get rid of his shadow, so he ran faster and faster until he finally got so exhausted that he fell dead.

He did not understand that if he had just relaxed and sat down to rest in the shade, his shadow would have disappeared naturally and he could have been at ease.

This story gives us a metaphor for how to work with our own personal shadow side.

Bring the light of consciousness to dark places

By meeting our shadow material with awareness and compassion, we can learn to stop running and rest in self-acceptance, wisdom, and inner strength.

In this way we awaken to a greater awareness of ourselves and respond to our lives with more authenticity, intention, compassion, and courage.

For example, only by seeing our own prejudices and unconscious prejudices can we overcome them.

Only by seeing the ways in which we close can we learn to open our hearts again, and it is only when we illuminate the dark places within and see where we are trapped in the fear, defense, hatred, or ignorance that can finally to have the option of rising above them and embracing true freedom and tranquility.

As the old saying goes, “to see is to release.”

This week’s invitation: Don’t run, rest in love

So my invitation to this week is not to let shame or fear make you run away from your shadow. Instead, bring awareness, compassion, and unconditional acceptance.

Know that it is safe to stop and recognize and embrace ALL of your humanity. All the craziness, all the flaws, all the beauty, all the weird stuff and the wounded parts. See if you can accept everything with an unconditional love conscience.

It is not always comfortable or easy to look at the parts of ourselves that we prefer not to see, but it is worth the effort because in doing so we stop the battle with ourselves, let go of so much unnecessary suffering and finally find a place of mentality. strength, balance, calm and ease.

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