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Drop. Falling is misrepresented, don’t you agree? When sometimes, falling is the only thing that keeps us from getting stuck. It saves us from becoming boring stone statue versions of ourselves that we would rather be looked at and admired than live fully and authentically, no matter what it means.

Falling is the universe’s own remedy for the ego’s constant clutch at … pretty much everything. Without falling, not even stumbling from time to time, there would be tremendous boredom. Because at some level, whether conscious or unconscious, we choose our own experiences, we need to learn to see the fall more like a leap. In fact, it is an experience to which, in some way, we have pointed ourselves to get back on track or to live a lively life.

So why curse the experiences that make us bounce back in our chairs? Are they painful? For sure. Do they sometimes feel so crushed that we never feel we will live again? Yes. But even then, there’s no sign on the back of his heart that says “Hey, listen, is everything okay? In fact, this is a new opportunity for you!” ‘A new opportunity for what?’ you will say challenging.

Well, live to find out!

Open your mind. Open your soul. Open your heart and let what comes out flow and what comes in directly. Let there be an exchange. Movement. Keep it light. Worry less about what it all means and check more about how you feel. What do your emotions show you about yourself at all times? Start asking about yourself and life and you may find these “falls” as exciting and curious as any other experience.

Less judgment and more freedom. Doesn’t that sound good? Well, don’t take anyone’s job for it! Try it out and check it out for yourself!



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