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Beginner Yoga Mistakes: A Belief That Can Hurt and Help Our Yoga Practice And How To Manage It

We live by messages we received and accepted. This particular message can adversely affect or enhance our yoga practice. The key is awareness. How can we use this quality of striving to help our practice and how could unconscious striving actually work against us? Here are 3 ways to strive that help and 3 ways that hurt on the mat.

Yoga Instructor Training: Body Image

There is a yogic myth created in commercials about what a practitioner should look like. People who are blind, obese, in a wheel chair, and have heart conditions practice Yoga, but you’ll never see them in a commercial. Some people who would be perfect instructors avoid yoga teacher training; even though it is a life-long passion. I’ve heard, “I’m too old, fat, stiff and tired, to become a yoga instructor,” every week.

Yoga Teacher Training: Beginner Asanas

When you spend 200 to 500 hours, or more, on training during a yoga certification course, you might envision a class full of students. One point each of us forgets after yoga teacher training is over is to envision how much time we will spend teaching beginner sessions. Unless you own your own studio, most activity coordinators will have us teach beginners for a few years before we teach intermediate classes. If we are lucky, we may also spend time with a mentor who has been teaching for decades.

Yoga Teacher Training: Asanas for Kids

To become a yoga instructor is one thing, but to teach yoga to children is another. No matter what kind of yoga teacher training course you take, there is nothing like teaching kids. If you are able to channel the motivation of your group toward a constructive purpose, you have accomplished a wonder. There is no doubt that children bring joy and youthfulness into the lives of parents, families, teachers and caregivers. Kids have a way of looking at the world with their eyes wide open, stopping to gaze and wonder at the things adults often take for granted. Along with wide-eyed wonder, they also bring an unbound energy that is often hard for adults to match.

Yoga Teacher Training: About Stroke Recovery

One of the areas of specialized yoga teacher training is working with students who have neurological disorders. While the list of neurological orders is long, strokes are one of the most common problems. A stroke can affect many portions of the brain responsible for movement, speech and balance. Depending on the size and scope of the stroke, victims lose the ability to perform many basic functions. Recent studies have shown that along with other forms of physical therapy, yogic exercise can help patients regain balance, agility and flexibility. It also helps them deal with the emotional aspects of becoming debilitated in so many ways. Stroke patients should always start slow in their yoga training practice, using props to aide in achieving poses and avoiding inversions.

Yoga Teacher Training: Stroke Recovery Precautions

For those of you who are enhancing your yoga teacher training or for students who have had a stroke there are special precautions to be aware of. A student who has recovered from a stroke needs special care in a yoga session. While yogic exercise is an excellent form of therapy, nothing should be taken for granted when considering precautions. There are some asanas that should not be practiced. Additionally, approval from a physician is strongly recommended before engaging in asana practice.

Yoga Teacher Training: Eating Disorders

You might not find a specialized yoga instructor training course about eating disorders, but you’ll find yoga instructors reaching out to this group quite often. The average yoga instructor is likely to have private clients or groups with a common need. There are many types of eating disorders. We are probably most familiar with either Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa.

Yoga Teacher Training: Heart Health

Of all the ailments we cover in yoga instructor training, cardiovascular disease and cancer are two that most of us know a little about. In many families, one of those two ailments has claimed the lives of family members. You can’t ignore the importance of preventative maintenance, when it comes down to your family medical history.

Yoga Instructor Training: MS

Specialized yoga instructor training intensives address many different neurological disorders. Among the many neurological disorders multiple sclerosis is well known. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease affecting the body’s autoimmune system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. For reasons that are often unknown, patients with MS incur inflammation and damage to the nerves throughout the body. Nerve damage results in a host of problems that range in severity and longevity. Common symptoms of MS include loss of balance and coordination, weakness in the arms and legs, muscle spasms, constipation, double vision and depression.

Yoga Teacher Training: Asana for Stroke Recovery

If you have decided to become a yoga instructor for students who have had a previous stroke, there is much you should know about asana modifications and how to properly use props. Specialized yoga teacher training and therapy are needed in order to give students the best attention and care.