Tribute to the risk of loving big and being RAW with humanity

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Today I have the opportunity to choose how I see the day. How slow is my best friend’s last breath? Thank you, CeeCee, for all the years of joy and unconditional love you have given to our family and all those who knew you. You are a source of love, and your presence has helped me so much, as I spent hours sitting during covid and felt your heart heal. Laughter and tears are part of this journey.

I always wonder, “Is this choice harmful or healing?” “Does this action move me to hurt or heal?” “Are these thoughts hurting or healing?” Such a difficult line sometimes considering that everything is my goal.

My practice is to clean the lens long enough so that I can reach the clarity needed to live life by making decisions that offer the greatest chance of future healing. I use the word healing as love. All love is healing. However, I am in a conscious position to cultivate this viveka kiyati (a bright and decisive clarity), one that has no room for doubt? A peaceful clarity that allows the confidence to live from that place. Cultivate integrity by rooting and establishing a new foundation Sat Yama truth of rigorous self-honesty.

Our country is divided right now into a simple object. The object is just a piece of cloth. Its use for some has become an object of harm; for others, it is seen as an object of love. What is the thought behind each individual who sees this object with such an extreme difference? What story does the little mind behind the lens tell? What memory holds me hostage to my opinion? What am I projecting on this simple object?

Some see the object as a harmful vice, restricted by suffocation and shortness of breath; while others might see it as an expression of solidarity for living with respect to the vulnerable. I ask questions all the time to reflect on the possibility of the ultimate good.

I have a choice. I am able to listen from within and admit that I do not know it intellectually, but what emerges in my physical experience is a quality of ease. Ease is a peaceful feeling of being willing to accept what is presented at the moment.

This virus is a fact. Respect for others is my greatest mission and that is why I choose to love more. I wear a mask; I got vaccinated. As a mother, I used religious exceptions, so my little daughter never got vaccinated in elementary school. As a healthy woman, I turned down flu shots until, fortunately, I had one before my father died during a confinement at a rehab center during a major flu outbreak. Somehow, my inner voice told me to get the vaccine five months earlier. I was fortunate to be by his side on the holy day of his death.

I find it hard to stick to my learned patterns and judging habits. I practice accepting that my thoughts have been learned, and I understand that I might be looking bad and too attached to the outcome. Perhaps my old beliefs do not serve the integrity of what would lead me to greater freedom. What really causes me pain? Not to be seen? Not being heard? Can I accept that perhaps this longing to be seen IS my pain? Perhaps my truth is to live fully in the joy that sees me by the source.

Can it be enough to heal? Oh, there is no doubt that this shift from looking out to going inward has been my greatest path to healing and to learning to love and forgive myself for being human. I am learning every day to make better decisions in the direction of love.

Perhaps the whole world right now should continue to grieve and reconnect with the deepest essence of love. Learn to accept, forgive and compassion. Thank you, CeeCee, for being my teacher and helping me. I am eternally grateful for your love and for allowing me the honor of holding you while you let go. You may be leaving your form, but your love is only expanding.

Please let us practice the art of loving kindness with ourselves from time to time as we move forward in the fall season. May we continue to shine love through our eyes and be comfortable with lovelessness as a glorious way to embrace humility and the honor of being human.

May we all continue to share this greater good and unite without the need to resist but to open our hearts and help our community with respect. We continue to abide by the protocol of masks and keep our center open and prosperous.

With Light and Love,

Laura Jane

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