Triangle Pose DO’S AND DONT’S #Shorts

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Karma Yoga or Destiny

Involvement of body, mind and soul, which is of course what most of us do anyway in our daily lives, personal and career wise. We tend to think, “Is this right for me? Will this make me happy? Will this bring good results? And then we go ahead and do it.

Beginning a Yoga Practice for Sedentary Lifestyles

There are many reasons to practice Yoga, but one would be to decrease the chance of an untimely death. That said, living a lifestyle that is mainly sedentary can have disastrous consequences. Whether this lifestyle is led by choice (being a notorious couch potato) or by necessity (logging long hours at a desk job), it is important to incorporate physical activity back into your life, and Hatha Yoga is the perfect way to do this.

Hatha Yoga – The Gateway to Common Sense

It has been said, “Common sense cannot be taught; either you have it or you do not.” However, most people can easily master common sense through daily practice. At its core, common sense can be summed up as the conscious, focused observation of the world around you. Observation is sharpest when no judgment is attached to what is being observed.

Yoga and Pregnancy: Advice for Instructors and Students From a Mother of Three

During my three pregnancies I have taken as many as 4 yoga classes per week, especially near the end. Whether pregnant or not, I have found yoga practice to be very beneficial. I sleep better, I feel better, and I’m more flexible. There are no pregnancy yoga classes in my area, but I have studied with more than a dozen instructors over the years, many of them certified in teaching yoga to pregnant women. I have been given some very strange and contradictory advice over the years — some of the strangest coming from the instructors so certified.

Physical Yoga Practice for Active Seniors

It is never too late to create a healthy lifestyle, stimulate the mind, and tone a healthier body. Yoga practice for active seniors is “the icing on the cake.”

Reaching Tranquility With Yoga

Yoga is a vast subject with lots of information available and roots dating back thousands of years. With all this information it can get confusing how to navigate the world of yoga and where to begin. By looking at the basics and getting a grasp on what yoga is, you can begin to develop your own course of yoga study and adopt a yoga lifestyle.

Here’s Breathin’ With You Kid

This proposition is for a quick and easy way to decompress from your daily stress with focused, deep breathing to create inner peace and more space within yourself. In less than 5 minutes, you can change your entire day, and outlook, if you just take pause, and take a breath or two, or three.

The Physical Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga, through its practice of a series of rigorous asanas, is more about strengthening the body – than chanting, and meditating. The Power Yoga practitioner is rewarded with many physical benefits to his bones, his muscles, and his joints. The goals of power Yoga are to increase flexibility, improve concentration, and build and tone the muscles.

Yoga As a Treatment Program For Whiplash

Yoga could be taken as a regular treatment program for whiplash. It is a powerful practice and its effects could last as it brings about changes and improvements to the body gently but gradually. However, yoga should not be considered as an overnight cure for whiplash. There are specific yoga exercises that should be regularly conducted to help relieve tension from whiplash.

Yoga Techniques for Traveling

Whether you are traveling to a Yoga teacher training intensive, away for vacation, or on business, Yoga techniques can help you before, during, and after your journey. There is no doubt about it, traveling disrupts the body’s rhythms and can make one feel unwell.