Trauma Healing with THREE and Yoga Classes

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Trauma is instinctive and is beyond our consciousness to control it, so it should never be judged as negative because it is an automatic response of our system to protect us. It’s our own personal security emergency response system. Also, no two people react the same way to a traumatic experience. One person can suffer a horrible car accident and will never be able to drive on the highway again, while another will not be affected at all and can drive anywhere and everywhere, just as an example.

Reacting to trauma

When our body enters a state of trauma, we tend to fight, run away, or freeze. All of these responses come from our autonomic nervous system causing tension in the body, no matter how one person reacts, one way is no better than another.

When our body is tense, it is the fascia, which is like the ribbon all over our body that holds our muscles, bones and organs in place, the fascia becomes narrower inside our body. If the fascia is caught by stress, it can cause a variety of ailments such as back and body aches, high blood pressure, limited mobility, limited range of motion, balance, joint stability, more prone to injury, system weakened immune system, migraines, etc. .

Psoas and trauma

There is an important muscle in our body called the psoas muscle. It connects the lower half of our body to the upper half of our body, from our hip flexor to the front of our body to our chest. It is the psoas that carries most of this stress and trauma to the body. Think about the center of your body and, if it is tight, lean forward, hitting your back, neck, and balance, which affects your hips to your knees. It also surrounds all internal organs. When the psoas muscle, always important, is stressed, the body will feel it.

The psoas is also rooted in our survival, clinging to the trauma of the past. Trauma can cause stress on the psoas muscle, although the fascia around the psoas muscle is tense. The fascia wraps around the psoas muscle, so when the fascia tightens around this muscle, the whole body is at risk. There is no harmony between the two.

How do we release the fascia into the psoas muscle and the whole body?

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