Total Body Yoga Workout Sequence

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Mudra Yoga: Balancing the 5 Elements of Creation

So what exactly is mudra yoga you may ask? Simply put, it is a gesture or position of the hand used to communicate an idea or expression. Not so simply put, it is a scientifically-tested method to awakening the higher self and balancing your existence here on earth. Still not clear? How does one go about joining physical and spiritual understanding? It is possible through understanding the elements that create all life. These elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. Let’s take a little deeper look.

The Business of Yoga Mantras

For some people the thought of chanting yoga mantras may illicit up images of people in a cult, but the whole yoga scene has a new life.  It is known as kirtan these days. Some top artists are even living the ‘mantra rockstar’ life from their proceeds.

Yoga for a Healthy Mum and Baby

Yoga has so many health benefits and there is a style of yoga to for everyone. A new trend in yoga focuses on mothers and babies. If you are expecting a baby, trying for a baby or just had a baby, there is a style of yoga for you.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga has been gaining momentum in recent years; with big corporations such as AT&T, HBO, MTV and Pepsi making it a standard part of their employee benefits packages. What sort of benefits are these companies and their employees seeing from corporate yoga?

Yoga for Stroke Recovery

Simply teaching yoga for stroke victims brings them to a path of recovery. The theory and method of yoga techniques will allow them to vividly envision themselves performing each technique, which will prove beneficial in light of a progressive string of successes.

Student Etiquette for Yoga Classes

If you are a student who is planning on attending a local Yoga class, please read on. If you are a Yoga teacher, without safety guidelines for students or firm policies in place, please feel free to use any ideas below for creating the best possible class experience.

Complimenting Your Workout With Yoga Calories Burned

Have you tried supplementing your workout by adding yoga calories burned? More and more people are augmenting their normal workout routines with a yoga class. The coupling of strength training and cardio training with yoga is a sure way to whole fitness. Many brave souls have stepped into a yoga class thinking that it’s only about stretching, and have discovered it to be an ass-kicking workout by itself. If you don’t buy it, then check out the popular programs like P90X and see how much yoga they incorporate into their systems.

Yoga Calories Burned Vs Yoga Karma Burned

I’ve been approached by students concerned about the amount of yoga calories burned during a class. As a teacher focused on providing an environment in which my students may flower, this question annoys me a little. I put aside my ego and simply say, “Work hard and rest when you need to. The calories will take care of themselves.” The student works hard in class, making sure not to rest too often, and sometimes doing a couple of extra poses along the way. When class is finished they look satisfied, which is what I hope for as a teacher. I know that the satisfied look on their face really comes from burning karma and not burning calories.

Kids Yoga for Coping With Anger

Another way that kids Yoga helps children with anger management is through its peaceful, centering effects. Mental well-being and general contentment are the results of a regular Yoga practice for all practitioners of all ages. These good feelings do not end when a child leaves a Yoga session or a studio. A content, centered child learns to face tough situations, without…

Yoga For Cardiovascular Health

It is an indisputable fact that those who practice yoga throughout their lives enjoy greater levels of health than their peers. Now thanks to continuing scientific research, we can more readily identify why Yoga for cardiovascular health is a good idea.