Total Body Yoga Energy Flow (Chakra Balance) 30-min

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Can Yoga Heal Trauma and PSTD?

Have you ever heard yoga teachers say that “yoga is the practice of injury?” They can even go ahead to show some healthy yoga practice as a way to open doors, break down walls as well as express our vulnerability. The question is; how do you perform this when you are completely disconnected from yourself? What is the next thing you think of doing when self-awareness triggers memories from a past emotional trauma?

Yoga for Easing Upper Back Pain

Everybody knows that yoga can help to fix lower back pain. The question now is, what about the upper back pain, can yoga fix it too? Many of us today, go through our daily lives reaching forward: carrying groceries, peering at smartphones, keyboarding at our desks and so on. While it can be natural to focus on the task that is in front of us, all this forward momentum can cause tension, strain, as well as ailments from headaches to chronic pain.

Yoga: Healing For Back Pain

There are a lot of activities we engage ourselves in everyday, which we do not even know the effect it creates. If you engage in activities such as driving a car, spending hours on a computer, watch television, sit on the job, stand on the job, carry groceries and many others, then chances are there that you could develop some back pain.

How Is the Word “Yoga” Embedded in Your DNA? Yogah Cittavrttinirodhah

This famous Patanjali’s sutra tells us a bit more about what yoga is. It is certain, that there’s a big difference being in yoga or doing yoga. In the West people mostly do yoga. Meaning, at an average yoga class mainly yoga postures are being performed. How come that so many yoga teachers out there are unable to teach people how to be in yoga, as this is where all the powers of yoga reside? The sound frequency of the word ‘asana’ might be to blame.

Yoga Teacher Training: The Best Way To Transform Yourself

Everyone is aware of the advantages of performing yoga on a regular basis. This is an ancient science that contains various asana & pranayama.

Ways To Remain Dedicated To Your Yoga Practice

When we make resolutions or set our goals, we do so with the best intentions. After setting our goals, the next task for us is to keep them. When you are faced with simple test like remaining in your warm bed or getting up to do your practice even in the cold, remaining in bed is definitely going to win.

Tips On How Newbies Can Enjoy Their Yoga Classes

Should yoga be practiced on a competitive atmosphere? In my opinion, I do not think it should. Yoga is not a practice one can engage in without a course.

Ways To Find A Balanced Yoga Practice

As a result of the widespread health as well as fitness trend that we currently experience in our society today, stronger as well as fast-paced vinyasa-style yoga classes are being taught. The question now is, do you balance your yoga practice?

Doing Yoga At Work

The trend in which yoga teachers integrates yoga, meditation as well as other health promoting behaviors into the place of work has risen exponentially over the last few years. Although it has its roots in the Eastern traditions, these practices have now being utilized by many employers from the Western world, who are have started recognizing the value of integrating mindfulness based habits at work.

The Importance Of Practicing Yoga Daily

I have come across little children say words like “if you want to be a runner, all it takes is for you to run; and if you want to be a weightlifter, all that is required of you is to lift weights. If you relate this to yoga, if you want to be a yogi, all that is required of you is to practice regularly.