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Is Vinyasa Yoga Good for Children?

Yoga is a very popular activity in many communities, as people increasingly come to recognize the myriad benefits it has to offer our bodies, minds, and lives. Yoga teacher training programs that specialize in training instructors for teaching children are also becoming quite prevalent, but what sort of classes should kids participate in?

Calming Benefits of Yoga for PTSD

Yoga is an ideal way to challenge the fight or flight response that powers many PTSD related reactions. The meditative aspect of Yoga allows students a safe way to explore their emotions without being controlled by them. The movement of the body helps relieve physical tension by lengthening, stretching and relaxing muscles.

Yoga for Belly Fat

Different styles and yoga instructors vary in the physical challenge they present. A person weighing 150 pounds doing an hour of Hatha yoga burns 180 calories, for example, while an hour of Ashtanga yoga burns 350 calories. Asthanga yoga is considered…

The Need for Yoga in the Education of Children

People practice yoga not just for its physical fitness value, but also because, simply put, it gives kids the time to enjoy being a child. Taking time to stretch, breathe deeply and focus not only gets the blood circulating, it also relaxes the body and stimulates the mind.

Yoga for Baby Classes

Have you considered how many new moms that are looking for postnatal yoga classes? No teacher wants to waste time on yoga certifications that have no practical use. Yet, prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor training is useful knowledge for running classes that are in demand.

Should Kids Take Power Yoga Classes?

Experienced instructors differ as to whether children should take a power yoga class. While they acknowledge the benefits of flowing yoga for older kids, they believe that parents should be aware of certain risks inherent in these physical forms of yoga. At the same time, yoga instructors who are willing to teach a kid’s class also have responsibilities to their students to prevent injury and improve health.

Chair Yoga for Stroke Recovery

Patients recovering from a stroke can benefit from the gentle postures and breathing of yoga. Most standing yoga poses can easily be adapted, since stroke victims must remain in a sitting or lying position. As they gain strength and dexterity, they can stand next to or behind the chair for balance.

Yoga for Raising Peaceful Children

It is hard enough to remain calm and centered in our busy world, with time for children’s soccer schedules and homework competing against each other. Add to this, it is difficult for busy parents to be completely present for others. As children grow, there comes a time when children are more likely to listen to someone else. What better person for the role than a competent Yoga teacher?

Chair Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease

Yoga has been proven as an effective adjunct therapy for Parkinson’s patients. It helps patients regain motor coordination, control, flexibility, strength, and balance.

How Much Time Does It Take to Become a Yoga Teacher?

Most yoga teacher training programs offer two levels of classes: a 200 hour class and a 500 hour class. The 200 hour class is the basic course that all yoga instructors must pass, while the 500 hour class is available for ambitious, passionate and studious instructors looking to launch their careers to…