These simple techniques will overcome anxiety

When it comes to experiencing total happiness and calm, body awareness is a very important tool. By paying attention to the physical movements and sensations of your body, it is easy to divert your attention from those thoughts that can cause stress.

Once this is done, your emotions can calm down and you will be more at ease and calm. Also, another benefit that you will probably enjoy practicing consciousness in this way is the long-term effect and changes it has on your brain.

With these changes in your brain, it will be very easy for you to become less emotionally responsive and reduce your tendency to give up on situations. However, your body alone has an inherent and more direct effect on your emotional reactions.

The way you hold your body, the posture you take, contribute to the way you feel, and the sum effect of all of this can be measured.

Research has shown that sitting upright increases a person’s chances of having positive thoughts as well as the ability to remember good memories. On the contrary, a falling position is related to depressed thoughts and bad memories.

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In an attempt to show the importance of posture for human life, Adam D. Galinsky and Li Huang of Northwestern University conducted some research on posture. In research, posture was shown to be an important determinant of whether or not people act powerful.

Well, one good thing about posture and how we feel is that it’s something that can be easily changed. Yes, you can even put it into practice right away. In fact, you should engage in a standing meditation where you adopt a Wonder Woman or Super Man posture.

In the same way, you can try to sit in a strong position. As you do this, sit upright with your head held high, and your hands and legs occupying some space around you. while doing this, you need to be careful to bend down because it is a factor that contributes to the feeling of discouragement, tiredness and even the feeling of helplessness. With these feelings, your thoughts are more likely to go out of control.

Make this a common practice and always return to this position throughout the day. Keep doing this even when you are standing or sitting at home, in the office, walking, or even driving. As you do this, think about what it feels like to stand, walk, or sit with a certain level of confidence.

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Once these thoughts resonate within you, be aware of the effect of these thoughts on the way you feel. Keep repeating it as many times as possible within a day, and for at least 3-5 minutes, put yourself in a power position.

Well, for many people, they may experience some feelings of anxiety when they try to take a safer posture. This is because they usually feel or think this way: “I’m nobody to show that level of confidence.”

In case you experience this, always remember that this is just a short-term feeling that will soon go away. Also, always remember that changes that are happening psychologically within you are more likely to evoke a sense of confidence and strength within you.

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