The word “T”.

I’ve been reading a book called “Waking the Tiger Healing Trauma” by Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick. It has been a very rewarding experience for me.

I have been working with my physical pain. I had some strong reactions, as I sink into being fully present, I would feel a strong sense of terror! A feeling so strong and overwhelming that I felt like my life was in danger.

I didn’t know why this was happening. I felt embarrassed and embarrassed by this feeling for an unknown reason, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone about it. I had a feeling that no one around me could relate to that feeling. Mostly because when I brought it people couldn’t relate to that experience.

What happens to me is that while the experience was terrifying because I felt that if I stayed with her I would die, I kept reviewing that feeling sometimes daily and sometimes weekly. I did it all alone in silence. I would be left with a little more discomfort day in and day out week after week.

The first time I felt that feeling I couldn’t stay with her for a second, and for a minute I felt endless with her. Although after a while, I managed to keep up with the feeling that I was “breaking” as well as feeling like I was breaking a wall. And behind the wall he no longer felt terror, he felt a deep peace and surrender at the moment.

This allowed me to enjoy being fully present and admired for the beauty that is my life, without having the lingering feeling that something terrible was about to happen. I’m not in danger. I’m sure.

The book uses exercises similar to the ones I used myself and talks about many others who have the same feelings of terror, shame, and shame. It also validated my confidence in my intuition. Speaking of how we have disconnected from our instinctive self, because of our modern life. This disconnect is for many reasons, and what stands out to me most is the need to “get on with your life.”

We don’t have room to let ourselves go through the events that happen, we hope we get up and move on. The space needed to integrate past experiences is “too slow”; its effects are not immediately noticeable (so unfortunately there is no Insta bonus here). Although he discovers a deep sense of peace and freedom.

The door to release trauma according to Peter A. Levine, which I confirmed through my own lived experience, goes through our animal brain, so we have to rely on our own instincts when it comes to opening up to experience stored experiences. This is due to the large amounts of energy that are stored for a flight or flight response. I know this only from the direct experience of having lived with him for many years, and then slowly opening myself up slowly to experience the feeling completely.

To be honest, I can’t even identify the direct cause of my response to trauma. I had some memories on the surface and anyway I don’t think it matters to relive them over and over again.

Peter A. Levine also talks about how important it is to connect with our physical bodies to reconnect with our animal instincts, I refer to this as intuition. For me this is how I realized something was wrong, through my physical practices. I wanted to heal the physical pain I had in my body thinking it was all caused by training or injuries. Unbeknownst to me I began a healing journey of which I was not even consciously aware, my body always knew exactly what I was doing, exactly how much was “enough” on a given day.

I do not recommend that anyone do this. I am not a trained professional. I’m sharing my experiences because I think it helps you better understand why I teach the way I teach, why I do my best not to act like I know the right way. It’s because I know that one of the most valuable things I’ve taken on this journey so far has been my connection to my intuition, being able to trust my body, and releasing fear.

Not only did I do the “work” but I still do the work every day and that’s why I’m a teacher, I didn’t understand everything. I am in a constant state of research with my environment, I am committed to each student specifically, I take them into account and their lived experiences. I work to build an understanding of where you come from and where you would like to go. Not where I think you come from or where I think you should go.

If you need support on your own journey, I can offer support just because I’m on the road and I’m consistent with my work. This gives me the energy, experience and knowledge to offer outside support.

I am not a stagnant person living in my previous certifications. I have tried and tested everything they have taught me. I questioned and sought a deeper understanding. I think that’s what makes me a teacher, I embody the lifelong student on a daily basis so that I can offer more to those who seek teachings in me.

Thank you to all the people in the world who have seen me as a teacher who honors me.

My classes are not based on trauma, but they create awareness if you have had one or many traumatic experiences, it is best to get in touch with trained professionals. I just know that through my own awareness, of course, I discovered a trauma, and that was not talked about in my community.


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