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With 100% post-equinox energy, I feel connected to {THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY}. In a society that favors the intellect over intuition, we assume that the two are opposite polars, but the truth ES ~~> science + spirituality go hand in hand.

Everything in the universe is made of energy, a measurable reality, including our most subtle experiences such as emotions + thoughts.

As @drjoedispenza teaches, our thoughts are electric charges within the collective energy field, the feelings that arise from our thoughts are the magnetic charges we emanate and this electromagnetic field of the self affects all the atoms in our lives. In other words, our thoughts CREATE our experiences.

Similarly, Dr. @brucelipton teaches that our genetic structure is affected by our environment and, most importantly, our PERCEPTION of our environment. This means that by doing the inner WORK to change our perception, we can transform ourselves at the level of our genetic structure … at the cellular level.

The Science of Spirituality states that WE are the masters of our reality. We are more powerful, moment by moment, than we traditionally recognize. Bringing this truth of personal power into the new season ~ who is WITH me?

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