The Power of Travel – EXHALE YOGA RETREATS

travel exhale yoga retreats

And that’s how we know who we are and why we’ve become. The journey is the tool that was given to us all to deepen our experience as ourselves within ourselves, to evolve and improve life to the fullest. You are the brave soul dancing through the multiverse to tell stories that no one has heard yet. You come from lands far, far away, sometimes far, far away, and alive to embody history. You are the adventure, the traveler and the traveler all in one. There is no separation, only a faint illusion of it. And in your magnificent singularity, you travel the less traveled path. The one that others would not even think to discover. And suddenly you’re there, with your feet planted on a bright black volcanic beach. The sun, still hot on the cheeks as it sets in the distance. The tide is low and you’re watching the waves take the surfers to shore. Gratitude fills all your pores. This Exhale Yoga Retreats was the best decision. Everything is better than you could have imagined. You followed your heart. You honored the inner compass and, once again, remember: you are at home. Always and forever, at home within yourself.


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