The Power of Rest – Lena Franklin


“A rested woman is an unstoppable woman.” ~ @octaviaraheem

The heart so aligned with THIS truth 👆🏽 of a powerful ATL-based teacher. As I rebuilt the life I had to live ~ new directions and brand for my conscious business, true lifelong love and more ~ ​​prioritizing rest + managing my energy have been THE keys to total alignment.

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Rest is an ESSENTIAL mindfulness practice, a truth that can be best understood by looking at our human psychology. A leading American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, described the hierarchy of human needs: physiological needs, security needs, needs of belonging and love, needs of love, and finally needs of self-realization.

Each has its own level, and the idea is that we cannot move on to our next level of work until the previous work has been completed. This means that, in general, before we can work on love and relationships, self-knowledge and trust, reaching our full human potential and transcendence … we must first meet our basic human needs. And one of the most basic physiological needs? REST.

This also means that when we are well rested, we expand our capacity to do this deeper inner work, going beyond surviving in a space of PROSPECT. So rest well, beautiful beings, and know that this kind of self-care is NOT selfish ~ it is essential to our work of conscience and to the evolution and transcendence of ALL.

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