The next big thing for yoga teachers

Adopt change and be innovative

Gone are the days when yoga instructors graduated from a teacher training program and were looking for a local studio that would hire them to teach a few classes a week if they were lucky. That’s what we all did when I started teaching in the early 2000’s. For me at the time, there was no other option if I was going to try to “get it” as a yoga teacher in my city. So I did just that, worked my ass, replaced the classes like crazy until my boss gave me more classes to teach, and finally I was able to quit my day job and pay the bills with yoga.

The pandemic has forced yoga instructors to be creative and find different ways to “do it.” And honestly, I can’t see that we get back to the old paradigm soon. The landscape of yoga instruction has changed dramatically. And maybe it was time.

What do we do now? I think this amazing year of challenges has shed light on what a few brilliant yoga instructors have known all along: yoga instructors are enterprising. It is time, whether we are prepared or not, to take control and responsibility for our business. We need to be creative, we need to build connections, and we need to be innovative. And, we have to do it now or we will be left in the dust.

So what is yoga innovation like? The main area where we see instructors getting creative and developing unique business structures is in virtual platforms. We’re looking at everything from face-to-face classes to 8-week pre-registered workshops, holistic lifestyle training, online retreats, and promises of complete body and mind transformation.

I think the key to success here is to really use the online world as a way to specialize. Because your audience is large (potentially accessible to people around the world), you can hone your specific skills and specialize in your unique offering. So instead of just promoting a “$ 15 flow yoga class,” you can separate yourself from the thousands of other online instructors who do the same and offer a “unique soothing yoga practice for women to relieve.” anxiety “.

Take advantage of your unused skills! Do you have a degree in something interesting? Did you grow up in a family where certain knowledge was emphasized? My parents were foresters, so I know a lot more about trees than I would sometimes like to admit, so leading classes in beautiful woods is natural to me. Above all, be creative. Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself what you really want to get out of your career.

Now is the time to take the reins and be responsible. This is YOUR business.

And of course, if you need support, let me know. I am here to help; that’s what I do! I encourage you to see this transformation and change in the way our society operates as an opportunity to clarify it, rather than as a burden to bear. You have that.

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