The 5 best crystals for meditation to guide you in your practice

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The best crystals for meditationYou have probably heard that the meditation crystals used during your daily practice can enhance their effects. As you are reading this article, you should be interested in crystals and their benefits. But how are crystals connected to meditation?

In recent years, meditation has gained increasing popularity. More and more people are incorporating their meditation practice into their daily routine. Meditation improves self-knowledge and the ability to focus on the present moment, on your thoughts and emotions without identifying with them.

These effects make meditation crystals the right remedy for various mental health problems because they allow you to connect with your emotions and thoughts without judging yourself.

Types of meditation for your daily practice and the best crystals to enhance their effects in your practice

There are several types of crystals for meditation, so choose the ones that suit your needs and incorporate them into your daily activities. The following mediations are easy to integrate into a daily schedule, even for those with a hectic lifestyle.

1. Crystals for meditation used in Mindfulness


Mindfulness meditation is about being aware of the present moment. You can use conscious breathing and crystals as anchors to keep your attention focused on the present moment and calm your mental talk.

Hold a palm stone in your hand or place your crystal in the chakra area of ​​the third eye to improve your attention and concentration.

Recommended crystals for mindfulness meditation:
· Clear quartz
· Blue Aragonite
· Celestite
· Amethyst
· Lapis lazuli
· White Chalcedony

2. Crystals for love meditation


This type of meditation will help you cultivate an attitude of love, compassion, acceptance, and kindness toward others and yourself. Use crystals for meditation to help anchor your consciousness to the area of ​​the heart chakra.

Place your crystal in the area of ​​your Heart Chakra, focus on its energy, and feel your heart radiate love and compassion. Breathe consciously while keeping your focus on this area.

Recommended crystals for love mediation:
· Pink quartz
· Angels
· Rounded
· Pink opal

3. Crystals for mindfulness meditation

Breath consciousness crystals
Breath consciousness crystals

Breathing consciousness meditation is also known as conscious breathing. During this mediation, practice conscious breathing, focusing on inspiration and exhalation. Just a few minutes of this daily meditation will reduce your emotional reactivity and improve your overall well-being. You can do this kind of mediation while walking in nature, standing, sitting or lying down.

Bring your crystals to meditate with you throughout the day to remind you of your practice of conscious breathing. You can carry the crystals in your pocket, bag or backpack, have them in your car or at your work desk. Hold the crystal in your hand, tune in to its vibration, and start breathing consciously whenever you need to calm your mind.

Recommended crystal tools for mediating breath awareness:
· Palm stones
· Stones of concern
· Grumpy stones
· Fallen crystals

5. Crystals for guided images

Crystals for guided images
Crystals for guided images

Focusing on positive aspects stimulates calm and induces a sense of serenity. You can attend a meditation group and have another person lead the guided pictures, or practice it alone by recording a session. This type of mediation involves visualization and brings many benefits that will transform your life. Use the crystals to help you anchor yourself in the present moment, induce stillness, a sense of serenity, and help you focus on the evoked images.

Recommended crystals for guided imagery:
Tourmaline quartz
Blue tiger’s eye
Black obsidian

6. Crystals for body scan meditation

Body scan crystals
Body scan crystals

Body exploration meditation involves shifting your focus to different areas of your body. This type of meditation improves self-awareness and reduces the intensity of stress reactions.

Place the chosen meditation crystals on the part of the body you want to focus on to keep your attention there and improve your concentration. Practice this type of meditation before going to bed or getting out of bed in the morning.

Recommended Crystal Tools for Body Scan Mediation:
· Palm stones
· Small fallen stones
· Stones of concern


Palm stones
Palm stones

Finding out what types of crystals for meditation you may need and what crystals work for you is an essential step in your meditation journey. Crystal meditation is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life. However, be patient as it takes time and effort before you see any results.

There are many crystals to choose from for your meditations. Try the recommended ones or see which crystals attract you the most. What crystals will you incorporate into your daily meditation program?

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