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Bikram Yoga Skin Benefits

During Bikram yoga or a hot yoga session, massive elimination of toxins from your body occurs. Generally, this happens through extreme sweating. As sweat comes out from your body, this creates enormous benefits for a cleaner and more radiant skin.

Getting More Flexible Through Yoga Moves

Flexibility is the range of motion that helps you to easily bend your body without straining. It also improves your muscle strength and helps you move your joints effectively. Yoga stretching exercises are extremely helpful in increasing your flexibility.

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: How to Start Your Practice

If you’re reading this post, the chances are that you are familiar with yoga, or keen to try it for the first time. For the latter, don’t be nervous if the word ‘yoga’ conjures up images in your mind of long-limbed individuals bending in all sorts of positions! The good thing about this ancient practice is that it’s suitable for most people due to it being a non-strenuous, but highly effective form of exercise.

How to Do Safe Yoga – Part 1

Honestly, I was very puzzled when I first heard the question. I wondered where was this question stemming from and why until I heard and read about injuries suffered by yoga practitioners. I learnt how people sprained their legs or hurt their necks or spine while doing yoga, how orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists in the US were doing their best to heal the yoga related injured patients. These unfortunate incidents raised a few questions in my mind, the answers to which would show the way to how to do safe yoga.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

When people think of yoga, they tend to have the misconception that it’s something that only adults are capable of doing. The truth is that this isn’t the case. In fact, children can also benefit from yoga just like adults can.

3 Ways Yoga Makes You Feel Younger And Stress Free

Yoga isn’t just for just hippies anymore. It has broken through the mainstream and become a fantastic lifestyle for those that choose to practice it regularly. As someone who enjoys yoga I am asked a number of questions about it. So I wrote this article with the hopes of adding some enlightenment to those seeking out this lifestyle change.

Get Certified Quickly With an Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

An online yoga teacher certification course is the ideal way to get qualified as a yoga instructor and start your teaching career. Not only will you be able to quickly get your certification, but will be able to train in the comfort of you home and at a pace that suits you best.

The Relationship Between Zen Training and Yoga – Common Concepts

The article explains how Zen training and yoga affect human health in a positive way. It also describes the close relationship between the two Eastern practices.

What’s the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates?

What is the difference between yoga and Pilates? Although from afar both practices look similar, (use of a mat, most exercises done on the floor etc.) they are actually very different.

How Bikram Yoga Can Make You Healthier

A new way to be healthy is doing Bikram Yoga. The heavy sweating in every session is part of the cleaning process of the body to eliminate the accumulation of toxins over the years from the system. A clean body inside and out is a healthy body.