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When I changed my work habits when I moved to college, my sleep patterns were shattered! I couldn’t sleep all night, I had a hard time falling asleep, and worst of all, I woke up with a heavy head and it would last until noon. This slowed my energy down all day and made me tired early in the day! So I started with the Headspace sleep meditation course. And sleep began to improve at a drastic rate!

Sleep meditationSleep meditation is a type of meditation that you do lying in bed, or just before bedtime. There are mainly two types of sleep meditations, which are based on visualization and focus. In the visualization, you visualize a happy place until you fall asleep and start dreaming about it. In concentration meditation, slowly count from 10,000 to 1 and focus only on numbers. These meditations help your brain to forget the events of the day and to sleep peacefully. They also cure insomnia and other sleep related problems. Learn more about how to perform these meditations and their benefits in detail.

Who can meditate on sleep?

People who witness these situations in life should meditate on sleep:

1. Insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia will benefit more from this exercise.

2. Lack of sound due to the schedule. (less than 6 hours of sleep)

If you feel better all day but sleep less than 6 hours a day, you must first change it to more than 6 hours a day! Sleep meditation would help you get quality sleep every night, and you need it more because you lack quantity!

3. Not getting it sleep deep enough even if he sleeps for many hours.

If you use sleep tracking devices such as fitness bands, it will show you the amount of deep sleep at night. If the amount of deep sleep is less than 20 to 25% of total sleep time, sleep meditation is better for you.

If you do not fall into any of the above categories, sleep meditation is best for you! 😉

Because it is it is not mandatory to have some kind of problem to meditate!

What are the types of sleep meditation?

There are mainly 2 types of sleep meditations.

1. Sleep meditation

This meditation is done when you are lying in bed and ready to fall asleep!

There are two types of sleep meditations:

A. Visualization Meditation:

In visualization meditation, you start by taking a deep breathand then divert your attention to a view.

There are many types of views you can make. For example, you are walking among the trees of a dense forest, the birds are chirping, you can see the sun hidden behind the trees …

You can also use apps like Headspace or Calm, as they provide very good viewing meditations especially for sleeping.

The important thing about visual sleep meditation is that you need to visualize a place to relax and observe every minute detail of that place. Imagine you are in there. I preferably think of nights or sunsets, rather than a sunny day!

Some examples are:

  • Sitting or sleeping by a river.
  • Walking through a forest or among trees.
  • Sleep or sit on the beach at night.
  • Sitting by a campfire at night.
  • Sleeping on the grass and watching the night sky, and many more …

He The purpose of these visualizations is to divert your attention from your current environment and let you feel relaxed in an environment you enjoy!

B. concentration / countdown meditation:

While you sleep start with a few deep breaths and keep concentrating on your breathing.

When you feel relaxed, start count back from 1000 in your head. (Do it in your preferred language.)

Don’t count your breaths. Forget about breathing and focus only on numbers. Account com slowly as you can, but not too slow! And even before you reach 5000, you’ll be fast asleep!

2. Sleep meditation.

Meditate before an hour of sleep it also clears your mind for the thoughts of the day and helps you sleep better.

I would prefer you to do visualization meditation or Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation will allow you to feel your body and forget about your day! It really helps me. Here is the article on how to do Vipassana meditation.

These are the types of sleep meditations and if you can do both, you will see that your sleep quality increases dramatically!

What can you do along with sleep meditation to improve your sleep?

If you want to increase your sleep quality but can’t meditate regularly, there are other things you can do to increase your sleep quality.

  • Let yourself go. Forget you can’t sleep! You’ll be more and more anxious if you keep looking at your watch and thinking you can’t sleep!
  • Keep your watch away!
  • Sleep in a cool environment. Studies show that a cool environment helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better.
  • Black room. Having a very dark environment also helps you sleep better. So avoid dim lights in your room.
  • No sleep!. This may sound funny to some people, but studies show that people who sleep naked have better sleep quality on average compared to people who don’t!
  • Detoxifying yourself from the screens. This is one of the most important things you can do to dramatically increase your sleep quality.
  • Just stay away from all screens after dinner, or at least before 2 hours of sleep. Mobile phones, laptops, and TV screens are tiring for you which translates into poor quality sleep! NEVER use mobile devices at night with the lights off! This will damage the eyes and you can even go blind after the age of 50-55.

If you can follow all these tips along with either of the two sleep meditation techniques, you will never have a problem with sleepless nights and lazy days!

What are the benefits of sleep meditation?

There are many benefits to sleep meditation, and most of them have been discussed in previous topics. Let’s write them down here:

Benefits per night:

  • You will cure insomnia no sleeping pills!
  • You will start taking they are deeper and feel better even if you sleep only 6 hours.

Daily benefits.

  • You will never fall asleep, as all the sleep needed for your brain is covered in these beautiful night sounds.
  • However, if you are used to sleeping during the day, I recommend it sleep about 20 minutes at noonbecause according to your circadian rhythm (mental clock), your metabolism and energy are lower during lunch, so this is the best time to take a nap!

How to get better results?


It is essential to be consistent in any type of meditation technique! Even if sleep meditation doesn’t take long to show results, you need to be consistent.

Consistency will change your sleep patterns and you will start sleeping better even if you skip the meditation to sleep for a day!

Stop guided meditations:

Thought-guided meditations provide a very powerful anchor for your mind and take you to beautiful places, I would recommend you visualize your best place instead of following someone else.

That would be it it allows your mind to make its own decisions and weave its own story. You will soon begin to delve into this story and even before you know it, you will be asleep and start dreaming!

How to motivate yourself to do sleep meditation?

For some people, it may be easy to see results in a few days, but for others it may take a while. It’s hard to keep meditating without seeing results! You can apply these tricks to motivate yourself to meditate:

Sleep monitoring for motivation:

If you can’t see results, your sleep tracker will see them! Start comparing your sleep score and the rate of deep sleep at overtime, and even if you don’t see outstanding results in your day-to-day life, you’ll certainly see fewer benefits in your sleep diagnosis. But I would recommend using good quality fitness bands to track your sleep more accurately!


The newspaper is probably the best way to motivate yourself.

To start noting how easily you fell asleep or how difficult it was to sleep.

Do not lower your dreams and the quality of your sleep, as well as how you felt throughout the day. Also, if you can, Rate sleep quality 1 to 10 taking into account all the criteria mentioned above.

By doing this, even if you do not see the results, you will notice that over time, the quality of sleep will increase and you will be able to compare your tickets and see the results!

Let me know in the comments how sleep meditation has helped you sleep over time!

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– A simple meditator

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