Side angle self-adjustment for hip strength


The 3 main advantages of self-adjustments

  • Acquire a sense of awareness of where we are in space (proprioception)
  • Develop muscle strength
  • Access to increase range of motion

With better proprioception (body awareness), we are more likely to activate our directed muscles. In the example of the side angle of the video, the act of squeezing the biceps provides feedback to the brain and body to activate the hijackers. We can better understand the feeling of this activation. This comment shows us how to return to this activation with more confidence whenever we revisit this posture in our practice. The act of this isometric contraction in the target muscles generates integrity and strength in the surrounding muscles and tissues. With more force, we find the opportunity to increase the range of more active movement. With a better range of active movement, we in turn trigger access to new postures. We can really see that self-adjustments offer so much more than stacking bones and joints. We are changing our experience on the mat and on our body as a whole.

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~ Written and edited by Trish Curling

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