Sharing my last moment of growth … – Lena Franklin


I never thought that as a psychotherapist I would see myself on the cover of a magazine! But through the path of awakening, I have learned that when you say β€œYES” to your divinely guided purpose, you become a conduit for goodness. And the Universe begins to take you on a wild but wonderful journey.

THANK YOU to Yoga Magazine for appearing on the cover of the December issue … but most of all, thank you for sharing the crucial work of meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual healing with the world!

Just a year ago, Dr. Yogi Maharaj Malik ~ a lawyer who became a kundalini yoga teacher and editor of Yoga Magazine ~ attended my meditation retreat at the Jamaica Inn. We had a great time during this interview! Reflecting on this wonderful journey of life … as the son of a Christian Presbyterian father and a Vietnamese Buddhist mother, I did not realize how essential my childhood teachings of acceptance, compassion, and unity would be until 2020. The integration of East and West lives on in my DNA. My divine destiny is to share these ancient Eastern teachings in a way that is accessible and digestible to the West. Take a deep bow to Yoga Magazine to align yourself with this mission.

“Lena encourages her students to embark on a journey toward inner peace, emotional balance and a sense of fullness.” – Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik

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