Perspective – Mindfulness and Mobility

The need to feel listened to can often seem like an attempt to persuade someone to change their mind. Sometimes we may feel justified in “helping” someone to change their point of view. I want to talk about the topic today around perspective. As we said before, we all have an innate need to feel heard and recognized. I think sometimes we get it wrong need feeling listened to by the need of others agree with our own perspective (at least through my own observation and experience).

This desire to shape the perspectives of others and / or opinions to be more aligned with the “right” way may seem like doing good things for the world. Only, this false need to change the opinions of others is exactly the fertile ground that conventional media and social media platforms need to create the environment between us and them that keeps us in an almost constant state of feeling. unheard, attacked or justified. cause damage.

Terms such as “Trump supporter”, “anti-vagrant”, “pro-vaxer”, “conspiracy theorist”, “black lives matter”, “all lives matter” and closer to home for me, ” Getting back on the ground, “he said. We can all relate to the frustration that is created in ourselves when we have strong feelings about a problem or situation. The result is that it becomes harder to hear the other side. Besides,

when we can’t listen, we can’t fully present ourselves and we can’t meet the needs of others to feel heard. It can also be more difficult to separate need feel listened to from the desire to convert someone on the “right” side.

I think it’s important to remember that we can disagree and still listen to each other, maintain strong mutual respect, and remain there for members of our family and community.

Let’s not forget that some of the major media outlets are listed companies. This means that they need to show growth to their investors. Let’s face it – this is very inappropriate and encourages polarization just to keep people hooked on the news. The perceived power of the media over public opinion is quite strong and if the end result is “the benefits to the people”, then I am sorry to say that this means that the information we receive through the media is not reliable.

It’s important to temper the information that passes through our screens with our own lived experiences to connect with those we love and listen to them really deeply. The hardest part about active listening is that we can’t listen while we wait to express our own opinions. Listening requires us to do our own inner work, to reflect, and to be able to look at ourselves and our opinions from many different lenses without losing the things that make us unique. In addition, the inner work required to be able to give another human being our full attention.

That means accepting someone as they are. Period! (Probably the best place to start is to accept ourselves first).

If you can’t do this for someone, are you really there for him?

I’m happy to say that I’m lucky to be around people who listen to me, and I also do my best to fully listen to the people in my life. This is giving me the strength to see through the created division that is revealed through our screens. I do not perceive the information that arrives as the complete truth or the complete story.

Since there are so many points of view in the world, how could we all fit in perfectly on one side or the other?

Is this even human?

I know what it feels like to be one of those people whose perspective is being actively silenced by popular culture. As an indigenous person, my identity is often polarized in the media. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone, believe it or not.

The one-story perspective is a good tool for moving things in one direction, unless people who are left out of the common narrative end up being harmed. I know from personal experience that I have existed from a completely different perspective, and I have felt the push throughout my life. I know I can’t change anything in general, but what I can say is that I’m doing my best to be the change I want to see in the world, and that’s enough for me.

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