Overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness

Do you run out of self-confidence?

Overcoming low self-esteem with mindfulness can be a way out.

Change the way you see yourself forever.

We all agree that self-confidence is the key to success. But there are many circumstances in which we do not have the confidence to be self-confident. Is overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness an exit? Explore 5 reasons why mindful practice can help you. But first we understand what low self-esteem is and how it can be detrimental to all areas of our lives.

Low self-esteem and its consequences in our lives

When I was younger, it was so easy and obvious for me to have confidence in myself. I remember when I was 13 and once I came to my mother’s office. Standing in front of all his classmates I told him about my school projects.

“She was so confident and persuasive!” then they told my mother.

Each of us can have a lot of self-confidence at certain times in our lives. Remember the taste of an interview where you entered the building with strong, safe steps, without fear of anything? (And apparently, you came out as the winner!). That was how I felt.

Later in life, I don’t know for what reasons though Gradually I lost that favor of self-esteem. I remember one day at my sister’s house I saw her giving some guidance to her domestic workers. Being there I suddenly felt weird !!. I was admiring him for saying these normal commands, and then I realized how I had lost my self-esteem.

Symptoms of low self-esteem

What are some symptoms of low self-esteem?

Well, we don’t feel good enough about anything. No one finds us a special person because we just can’t find them ourselves. Very often we can be emotional and unassuming when we speak.

For example, there were times when my boss would ask me a question and I wouldn’t even dare tell him what I really thought.

Lack of self-esteem can also be demonstrated in oneself relationships. One of my friends moved in with her boyfriend. Unsure of herself, she moved with as little space as possible. She tried to be small, not “disturb” him. When he did not show kindness or love, she only accepted it. Because deep down, it wasn’t considered valuable at all.

She didn’t think she deserved true love.

Consequences of low self-esteem

There are many consequences of low self-esteem. First of all, we may not be at our best. Second, the people around us intuitively return to us the same attitude we have toward ourselves. Therefore, we may receive less respect. People do not respect our limits, and sometimes we can bear the consequences.

For example … We may be rejected in a personal relationship or less successful in our professional endeavors.

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Overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness

Is overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness a reality? Well … Easier said than done because building self-esteem is sometimes a lifelong affair. Some techniques in a coaching session can help. However, it is a lifelong job to truly understand the values ​​we have in our existence. Therefore, conscious practices are definitely a gateway to be closer to this true understanding.

Let’s look at 5 ways to do this overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness.

1. Cultivate self-love

Conscious practices help us build one intimate relationship with ourselves. We learn to love our own values. The relationship with others is just a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. That’s why practicing mindfulness can help you completely transform your self-esteem.

When we are conscious we are in touch with the deepest aspect of our being. We to reveal ourselves again to the mystery of life which is contained in our own body. Breathing consciously we feel the oxygen from the trees entering our body. We are one with the trees. Eating carefully, we realize our bodies are the wonder of the whole cosmos. We are the sun, the rain, the fruits we eat, the result of a multitude of human, animal, plant and mineral ancestors. What is the most intimate relationship between you and everything that exists?

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This simple revelation can bring a lot of strength and deep confidence. You begin to realize that you are much more than your eyes can see and your hands can touch. This deep connection with your own self is not intellectual.

In fact, it can only be known and felt.

There is a day when you are conscious enough to be present and truly feel the gratitude, appreciation, and love in every cell of your body. This is the day you will really integrate into true “self-esteem” beyond any judgment, expectations or influence of your environment.

2. Accept yourself as you really are

When we have low self-esteem it is usually because we don’t think we deserve it. Or maybe it’s because we create an image of someone we’d like to be, that right now you don’t feel like you are. For example … I’m not pretty enough … Or I’m not smart enough.

With mindfulness we learn to do it accept us as we are. Because we know that inside each of our cells is engraved the beauty of the whole universe.

Also, when we focus on the awareness of the present moment we don’t expect to be someone or something. We stop the psychological need to make sure that our happiness is in the future.

For example, we don’t expect “when I have this promotion at work and become a manager, people will respect me more.” Or “when I have this car, this guy won’t despise me.”

The aspiration for the “future state” dissolves when you focus completely on the present moment. You will discover the joy and happiness you can have right here, right now. A simple fact you will learn is, “I exist, for I am who I am.” You are in the right place at the right time and you are exactly what you need to be.

This is the beginning accept yourself as you are. As well as accepting all others as they are. And you don’t have to say you’re safe, do you?

accept yourself

3. Look beyond the ego.

The perception of a separate self, or ego, is the origin of a feeling of low self-esteem.

Focusing on our ego we can identify with our bodies, feelings, and thoughts. In the same way, we can set an image of ourselves in our roles as a woman or as a man, as a parent, in our work, or in our families. Our possessions and our appearances … We believe that we are who we are.

When these external attributes disappear or have not been appreciated by others we have a feeling of low self-esteem. This is because we do not see what is hidden, eternal, timeless, in what we really are. “I’m nothing like that. I’m not that body. So I was never born and I’ll never die. I’m nothing and I’m everything. Your identities make all your problems” (Tricycle).


Mindfulness helps you to see beyond the ego.

When you are connected to the true self that is not the ego, you will see a silence. but profound transformation into a state of “awakened” consciousness. Unlike the ego, the self does not look superior, nor inferior to anyone or anything. He knows he’s part of everything he is. There is no separation between the “I” and the “all that is.”

When you sit down and inhale and exhale consciously, you will know that each of your cells is part of the trees whose oxygen you are breathing every second. When you eat carefully, you know that fruits literally become your own.

Where is the limit of “you” and the trees, or the plants? You are part of your parents and, in turn, your grandparents. It’s not hard to see that your kids are part of you. You are the result of all generations of humans, plants, animals and minerals.

Is there a boundary between you and everything else? No there is not. And therefore the self knows no inferiority or superiority. That is why being aware is a gateway to overcoming low self-esteem.

4. Release worries and doubts about yourself

With that in mind we also learn how to do it let go of worries and doubts about ourselves. When we are in difficult situations we can focus deeply on the present moment. We don’t have a hypothetical scenario for a “worse” future, so we have no worries or anxieties. Likewise, we are not overwhelmed by a disappointing situation in the past. Therefore, we have no remorse or guilt.

When we can learn to focus on the present moments we are freed from what is called “psychological time.” In this way we live in a timeless world where there is no room for worry or doubt about ourselves. This does not mean that we do not act to create a better future, or to repair something from the past, the consequences can still be today. But we do it with all our presence, with confidence and without any doubt.

That’s where, accordingly there is no room for low self-esteem. In the present moment we believe in our capacity, our power, and our meaning. The real world is beyond our thoughts and ideas. We see it through the web of our desires divided into pleasure and pain, right and wrong, inner and outer. To see the universe as it is, you have to go beyond the web. It is not difficult to do so, because the network is full of holes: Sri Nisargadatta (Tricycle)

5. Do what you love and be the best in yourself

Last but not least, there is a way to overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness: Guide yourself to do what you love to do and stay tuned.

When you are conscious, you can hear your body and your mind. You will be given the opportunity to understand what you have to say. It’s called “following your intuition.” First of all, don’t ignore yourself when you don’t like doing something. Second, don’t ignore the need to rest when you’re tired. Consequently, you are full of energy and passion in whatever you do.

Also, when you do something with all your presence it is always imbued with a certain quality, with care and love no matter how small the action. In addition, cultivating inner silence is a way of being connected to the collective consciousness. We have access to the “higher intelligence” that is beyond the perception of our limited ego.

Therefore, with awareness, you are guided to do what you really enjoy doing and to be to the fullest. Low self-esteem will fade. How can you not succeed? You already do.

As conclusions

There are a multitude of circumstances where we have no self-confidence. We don’t feel good enough for anything. We can often be emotional and unassuming when we talk. Sometimes we can stand it strong consequences in a personal relationship or in our professional endeavors due to low self-esteem.

Practicing mindfulness we learn to cultivate self-love i accept us as we are. We learn to tear down the wall created by ego. There are no longer any external attributes and labels that condition our self-esteem. We begin to see what is hidden, eternal and timeless in what we really are. This is the beginning of letting go of any self-doubtand follow intuition a do what we love. As a result, we can be the best version of ourselves. Low self-esteem will fade away naturally when we can focus intensely on the present moment.

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