nutrition, yoga and wellness for busy women: real flow yoga

nutrition, yoga and wellness for busy women

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I had the pleasure of reuniting with Blanka Campbell, a Real Flow Yoga graduate, who has also been busy in recent years qualifying as a nutritionist. Blanka specializes in hormonal health and nutrition for women.

In this next video blog, we talk about the welfare trick for busy women and how yoga can be an amazing tool to support your life and wellness goals. We come to the conclusion that yoga does not have to be complicated or time consuming, but rather simple and convenient for it to be the most effective and consistent in your life.

We also talk about the latest offering from Real Flow Yoga, the 30-day, 30-minute yoga reset program designed to make positive changes in your life for 1 month with just 30 minutes of daily practice.

You can learn more about the amazing work Blanka does with her 1-2-1 clients and group on her great website.

Blanka’s Youtube channel is here

Listen to Blanka talk about women’s nutrition and wellness here

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