Mindful vs. Unmindful: 5 Powerful Questions

The essence of being “conscious vs. unconscious” is based more deeply on your mindset. Ask yourself these 5 questions today and change your life.

Being clear about “conscious versus unconscious” can help a lot in your daily practice. Especially when you start the practice. How do I know if I am conscious or not? What is the essence between the two in the perspective of my daily life?

The essence of being “conscious vs dissatisfied”

“Mindful” is a state of mind where all your attention is on the present moment. It comes with the little things you do, like drinking tea, washing dishes, walking or eating, but it can shape your worldview. Considering that you keep the future or the past out of your focus. It is a way of life and endless practices.

Unlike being conscious, being “unconscious” is a state of mind where you live on autopilot. It includes doing things without being completely present: having a coffee while talking, cooking while your mind is busy scheduling your next meeting … In addition, being aware also means freeing yourself from psychological time. You are not chasing the future, nor are you completely torn by the burden of your past. Your focus is entirely on the beauty of what is being offered “now.”

There may be some simple practices that will help you focus on the present moment. However, to move from a state of “unconscious” to “conscious,” you need more fundamental changes in your mindset. Ask yourself these 5 questions today. See how they can lead to changes in your conscious practices.

# 1. Are you always “waiting”?

Are you waiting Apparently, you would say “yes.” Everyone is waiting. In a row at the supermarket or at the airport, in front of a meeting door or at the school entrance … But not only that. You can wait for the next vacation or the next job promotion, the next reunion with your partner … As human beings it seems that we are perpetually in a state of “waiting”.

When we are in a “waiting state” we miss the essence of the present moment. I remember looking forward to the annual holidays every year. When the day came when I was finally in the holiday park, I never felt like a paradise as I had imagined. He was quite busy planning his next activities before the holidays were over. Life seemed like a vicious circle with a job and a vacation and I never realized it.

The day I stopped waiting for a vacation, I started wanting to be on vacation all year long. It was very satisfying to sit here right now, fully present with my coffee so I could feel the cool breeze and the freshness of the dewdrop. I no longer wanted a vacation.

So if you ask me what it is secret of being conscious vs unconsciousI would say: stop waiting.

As Eckhart Tolle put it … Next time, when someone said, “I’m sorry I made you wait.” You can answer: No, I wasn’t waiting. I was there, enjoying myself. “

# 2. Do you often relive the “past”?

The past and the future all seem real, even more real than the present. “After all, the past defines our identity, as well as our perception and our behavior in the present. Future goals define our actions in the present, ”I hear you say.

But if you stop for a moment and look deeply, you will see that nothing can exist outside of the present moment. Nothing is real except this present moment. Take a moment right now and breathe. Can you tell me where you are from now, can something happen in the past? Nothing can. From where are you now can you do something in the future? No, you can not. Only the present moment exists and is real.

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Therefore, living deeply in the present moment we can stop the “psychological time” that has dominated humanity since time immemorial. Reliving the past is one of the most common things that should be done by people without a mind. We often fall into the trap of reliving our emotions or our difficulties and we regret them so much.

To be aware, you can train to be aware. Every time you relive your past, think to yourself, “What time zone am I in now?” Ask yourself this question and then immediately change your focus to the present. This is the most useful action you can take to become aware.

# 3. Do you think the present is just a step?

If you think the present is just a step towards something else, you are definitely not paying attention yet. Today you are the manager of your company. You’re going to work with the idea that all you do now is move to a higher position.

Of course, you can mark your address and have a vision of what you want to be. However, many of us are so drawn to the future, to the point of seeing the present only as a step in the right direction. Therefore, we miss what is being offered to us in the present moment.

The day you can enjoy being here and now your vision will unfold effortlessly. It is because your actions, even the smallest ones, will be full of a certain quality, care and love. Remember that if you don’t pay close attention to the results but simply to the action itself, the results will come on their own. Your present is no longer a step. He is himself with all your enjoyment.

# 4. Do you need someone to feel complete?

If you need someone to feel “complete,” you’re not deep in the present moment. Can we be deeply in love without feeling “needed”? If we can.

When we are deeply in the present moment, we are first aware of our body. We know that our bodies come from the sun, the rain, and the multitude of human, animal, and plant ancestors. You and your loved one are not separated, nor are you separated from anything that exists.

We can love without the “need” to be completed by someone. Being deeply in the present moment, the harmony that creates the physical connection will be of the utmost. It is not based on the need for completion but on a deep presence.

In addition to the physical connection, many of us are looking for someone else to meet our emotional needs. Being deeply present with your thoughts and feelings helps you realize the “ego” behind what you want. Love is a deep connection and not based on need. It is the realization of unity and harmony in the ever-present ”(Kusen, Kanshoji Monastery). It is not the dependence of the other to satisfy our emotional security.

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Also, the status of “completely” will never be achieved if it comes from outside of yourself. In a relationship many of us expect our partners to be there because we feel good. But there will come a time when this cannot be a reality. Then we will fall into a trap of suffering, emotional distress, and dissatisfaction.

So to be a conscious person, ask yourself this: Am I in a relationship right now just because I need it for my emotional security? If you do, return to your conscious practices and train yourself to stay deep in the present moment. One day you will be ready for all the real and satisfying relationships.

# 5. Can’t accept your “inactivity”?

Is there anything you “should do” that you don’t do? Then move on immediately and do it. If not, accept your inactivity, laziness, or passivity completely if it is your choice. Feel good, enjoy and be deeply in a state of inactivity. If you go deep and consciously there will be no further conflict or resistance … Or negativity.

In the modern world, we tend to get lost in activities. We never stop running. There are few opportunities to reconnect with ourselves and feel our states of “being”. Only with acceptance can we return to our inner silence and connect to the source of our wisdom and knowledge.

“When we get lost in activities we decrease our quality of being. We do ourselves a favor. It is important to preserve ourselves, to maintain our freshness and good humor, our joy and compassion ”(Thich Nhat Hanh).

Therefore, moving from “doing” to “being” is the secret of conscious life. Train today to be able to accept your inactivity if you do not decide to act. Give yourself a “lazy day” and practice more “being”.

Mindful vs unmindful, here are the secrets

In fact, the essence of being “conscious vs. unconscious” is based more deeply on your mindset.

Here are the 5 questions that will help you get your mind back to the present moment at any time:

  • Are you always “waiting”?
  • Do you often relive the “past”?
  • Do you think the present is just a step?
  • Don’t you need someone to feel complete?
  • Can’t accept your “inactivity”?

These seemingly simple questions reflect a profound change in your mindset. It can shape your worldview. By being aware, all of your attention is deeply on the present moment. Keep the future or the past out of your focus. Don’t miss the beauty of what “now” has to offer. Practice with me today and see how your world changes!

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