Meditation Increases Intelligence! Here is your guide to How!

It is generally known that meditation is a practice that serves as a gateway to inner and complete tranquility, happiness and calm. For this reason, meditation has been shown to be an easy way to improve focus, which in turn improves productivity.

However, there is still a question that many people (even you) are still skeptical about, and that is whether or not meditation can increase an individual’s level of intelligence. Well, the shortest and simplest answer to this is a “YES”.

In an attempt to elaborate on this brief and simple answer given about meditation and intelligence, several studies have been conducted on the subject, and it has been observed that individuals who practice meditation enjoy better cognitive skills, such as meditation and intelligence. brain matter and an overall increase in its capacity. level of intelligence.

As expected, your next question may be: How does meditation improve an individual’s intelligence? To answer this question, perhaps we should delve deeper into the relationship between meditation and intelligence. Of course, this is a good time to talk about this article.

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Meditation and intelligence

When one considers the enormous desirable effect of meditation on intelligence, these effects or impacts are very evident and can be classified in a tangible or abstract way.

In this regard, some interesting research conducted to seal these claims shows that the physical processes in which meditation takes place have some level of positive impact on a practitioner’s life.

In an attempt to fully explain this, an assessment of the brain of both the veteran and the new meditator has revealed a high level of gray matter, which is the main component of age-related memory impairment.

During meditation, some parts of the brain have been identified as being positively affected, and these parts include the following;The Back

Cingulate the bark

This is a part of the brain that handles many control networks and also controls waking dreams, planning and retrieving episodic memory.

One of our hubs, which includes a wide range of intrinsic control networks that include episodic memory retrieval, planning, and daydreaming.

The left hippocampus

This is the part of your brain that cares about your language and verbal skills. The left hippocampus also controls short-term memory.

The frontal cortex

Neuroscientists such as Sara Lazar have shown that meditation practitioners tend to have more gray matter around the wide region of their prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex, as you know, is involved in controlling your working memory and making decisions.

The temporo-parietal junction

This is the part of our brain that deals with information processing, and it works hand in hand with our ability to give maximum attention to any task we are doing.

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With meditation having a positive or other effect on all these parts of the brain, this goes a long way in showing how easy it is for meditators to show a high level of focus, creativity, and a young brain age compared to with people. who seldom or does not meditate.

However, we must mention that the positive impact of meditation goes far beyond some neurological changes in the brain.

Also, when it comes to meditation and intelligence, they not only involve an individual’s ability to solve an equation in the shortest amount of time. Instead, intelligence has more to do with the personal transportation of an individual, as well as the amount that an individual is willing to devote to what he is passionate about.

This shows how people who look exceptionally smart tend to engage with the things in life. Therefore, they are constantly looking for new skills to learn, compassionate and emotionally intelligent, and are always enthusiastic and optimistic about the changes in their environment.

Therefore, by participating in meditation, an individual can increase the potential inherent in an individual, as well as relieve stress by resolving some old and conflicting traumas of the nervous system, which by extension allow us to become what we want to achieve. to be.

However, all this can only happen when we channel our energies and skills towards those things that we are passionate about and have an enthusiasm that awakens our creative capacity and therefore involves our intellect to work on new and innovative things. .

In addition, meditation as the engine of intelligence is aimed at keeping an individual from being filled with pride, and this allows us to work and relate better to people.

In this way, we will be able to appreciate and embrace the strength, idea, and contribution of others, and not see it as a rivalry with our ego, which may eventually lead others to share the stage of victory with us. .

When we adopt all these approaches to meditation as the driving force for intelligence, it will be easy to see meditation not only as a tool to increase intelligence, but as a tool to increase the level of creativity, generosity of ‘spirit with overflowing energy that leads. us to the true pleasure of life.

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