LIVE 20 min Afternoon Yoga Flow

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Three Yoga Hip Openers for Students

As a hatha yoga instructor, you might always include hip openers in your classes, and they are needed now, more than ever. The majority of our yoga students spend all day sitting behind a desk and staring at a computer screen. Even those, who don’t have an office job, spend a disproportionate amount of time sitting. All of this sitting leads to some very tight hips.

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Stress Reduction

A researcher in the UCLA School of Medicine, conducted a study in 2009 that compared the MRIs of 22 meditators, with 5-46 years of experience, with 22 non-meditators, and found that meditators had increased gray matter in the areas of the brain associated with attention, regulating emotions, and decision-making. In effect, meditators were more focused and better equipped to deal with negative or stressful situations and make logical, mindful decisions. Similarly, in 2009, Philippe Goldin, a project director in Stanford University, monitored individuals taking an 8-week course on meditation and yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training – Must Have Qualities to Become a Best Yoga Teacher

Practicing yoga is becoming more and more popular as people around the globe are getting inclined towards it to attain physical stability and mental peace. The fact that it is being considered as an alternative form of medicine adds to its fame. With the increase in people practicing it, there is a huge demand of efficient and quality yoga trainers and teachers.

Reasons Why Yoga Is Recommended

An instructor in yoga seeks to offer his/her students an all-round therapy session, by focusing on resolving the source of the problem as opposed to treating the symptoms. Nevertheless, learning about the mind and body is a lifelong endeavor of self-discovery. The practice of yoga is recommended for everybody, regardless of age, physical condition or weight.

About the Yogic Plant Based Diet

To practice yoga in its entirety, a plant-based diet is recommended. This type of diet develops sattva, which is the positive quality of love, connection, awareness, and peace with all beings. Sattva supports the concept of ahisma, which means non-harming. Individuals who follow a sattvic diet don’t eat foods that are created by the harming or killing of animals. The diet also promotes foods that are grown naturally. Yoga practitioners view food and eating as the first connection with the outside world. If people don’t eat with love, peace, and connection, this can cause suffering in other parts of life.

Where Is the Evidence That Yoga Provides Anxiety Relief?

In 2009, a Harvard Health Publications newsletter called the “Harvard Mental Health Letter” reviewed a number of studies involving yoga, anxiety and depression. The newsletter article concluded that several studies from the past decade offer compelling evidence that yoga definitely helps regulate the stress response system of the body, thereby reducing anxiety and the physical symptoms associated with it. Here are a few highlights from that newsletter article:

The Health Benefits of Yoga

What happens in a retreat center that focuses in yoga? When you attend a yoga retreat, you will learn the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. The practice of yoga helps to improve the practitioner’s strength and flexibility.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Yoga Teacher Training

The purpose of yoga is to inculcate a sense of happiness. It is not practiced for physical fitness alone but also seeks to achieve an individual’s fullest potential. When it comes to yoga, there is a significant amount to choose from.

Top 4 Challenges That People Practising Yoga May Face

For some, yoga is a form of relaxation and meditation. For others, it is an enriching deep spiritual practice and for others it is simply a fitness programme. This practice has been increasingly popular in the recent years with celebrities boasting of slim physiques as a result of the exercise.

Teaching Students to Practice Hatha Yoga in Life

Please forgive me as I refer to Hatha Yoga as an alternative form of exercise throughout this article. I realize that teaching yoga is more than running an exercise class because we can change a student’s life to be the best it can be. In these contemporary times, the health, wellness, and fitness industries are booming as more and more people seek out information and advice regarding how to optimize wellness. Although there are several strategies one can employ to accomplish this goal, the daily practice of yoga can be one of the most beneficial.