Life together – Shunyapragya

We live in an existence, and there are no spare parts.

Oh Dear Existence,

whisper that vital breath in everyone to bes.

The songs become sweet

only when the ears taste them.

Relationships are fulfilled

only when the Unit embraces them.

Life goes on and on,

it exists together and never alone. You are not you, and I am not you. I am in you, and you are in me.

You give something of yourself when you greet someone.

And when someone greets you, you let them in.

So say hello to everyone to bes expand.

And collect greetings for being great.

Life passes through my consciousness, and I am conscious through its event. Coexistence is a natural fact and isolation is impossible.

In this great soup of life no one is forbidden,

and seen in unique equality, it could be exposed or hidden.

Once we develop this understanding, we feel a deep interconnection. Then, at our best, we achieve Unity expressed as compassion.

There is no subtraction, not even addition,

only the game of existence

to balance the equation.

The forces behind the demonstration follow a basic trend.

The end is with the origin,

and the origin becomes the end.

And those who ask, who am I? If they knew I was you, they’d let that “I” die.

as this is the only real clue.

And knowing this truth, in life, he lives happily ever after. In death, he dies without fear,

and beyond these, it exists forever.

Oh dear, the only awakening is to realize the existential unity, the rest are suboptimal attempts, still towards it.

Dear Shunya

You will find more details in the book: O Beloved-Being, Becoming and Beyond


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