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How Yoga Teachers Can Attract More Men to Yoga Classes

In India Yoga participation by men is ideal. Sadly, in some parts of the world, we teach Yoga classes primarily to a female audience. While women still outnumber men in many western Yoga studios, there are signs that this wonderful practice is becoming more readily accepted by the opposite gender.

Yoga and Its Benefits – Is Yoga Exercise Really Good for You?

Yoga exercises provide endless benefits. Whether your goal is to lose weight, relieve stress, or to maintain healthier lifestyle, consider starting your day with yoga exercises.

Teaching Chair Yoga for Heart Health

The students are friendly, dedicated, and really see the benefits of steadily practicing yoga. To see therapeutic vinyasa flows in a chair wasn’t what I expected – at all. In fact, I had a preconceived notion that they would practice a few asanas, relaxation, pranayama and some relaxation. Instead, it was a full-blown class with an opening, centering, and some challenges. They laugh when doing Lion Face! I was hooked and took a chair yoga teacher training course.

Teaching Yoga Asanas to Runners

Many yoga instructors teach in a variety of locations, but it takes time to realize all of the possibilities of places where one could teach. When you learn how to become a yoga teacher, the head trainer’s emphasis is usually placed on technique. This is a very good policy, but many new graduates have no information about where to start Yoga classes.

Yoga Exercises – Where Do You Start?

Yoga can be part of your everyday life. It can be fun, it can be serious, it is for all ages, it is for all abilities. Let us start with the basic understanding of the concept of Yoga.

Yoga Poses for Kids

Children, like adults, can benefit from yoga poses. Yoga poses reduce the levels of cortisol in their blood, thus protecting them against the risk of childhood obesity. Many yoga postures aim at increasing height, and improving physical strength and mental clarity in children.

What Should a Yoga Teacher Know About Mantras?

Some fitness oriented Yoga instructors do not teach mantras. There are many reasons for this disconnection with traditional teachings. Among these beliefs is a philosophy that believes words are cheap, but action is everything. The problem with this philosophy is that it fails to recognize that words cause action.

Yoga and the Four Gateways of Speech: Is It Necessary?

There is more than one method for practicing any Yoga technique. If you observe asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra, and mantra, each style emphasizes particular points, which make it unique. At the same time, each Yoga instructor is indeed unique.

The Practice of Yoga and the Cultivation of Forgiveness

The practice of Yoga goes far beyond simple physical exercises. The term “Yoga” is literally translated to mean union or yoke to the divine. In order to become one with the divine energy that pulsates through all of creation, we must go through a process of releasing and purifying the heavy, negative emotions that can naturally accumulate over time through difficult life experiences. As we let go of negative thought patterns and behaviors that keep us separated from the wonderment and joy of life, we will be able to embody and radiate peace, contentment and fullness to those around us.

Teaching Yoga to Students With Emotional Stress

Many Yoga teacher training interns envision classes with fit students, who want physical challenges. Hatha Yoga is well known as a form of exercise designed to build flexibility, strength, and general fitness. What is less well known is that practicing Yoga can improve your ability to deal with stress.