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It is very important to accept things as they are at the moment. Whatever your mental state is right now, this is exactly how you trained it. Let’s talk about meditation I would say that in my meditation experience we get into the focus of being better. Best at what? Being present is usually the goal I would say, or getting enlightened that also requires being present.

Only how can you become more present if you are in resistance to what is currently in your mind, in your heart, and stored in your body? Is it even possible?

I point out this topic to share a little about my journey with being present.

I learned about meditation, enlightenment, and presence 12 years ago! He was a very young boy with many things to show the world. (this is still true today) I had the impression that being present was an experience that felt beautiful, exciting, positive and effortless! I also had a lot of experiences like this to prove it to me.

So I went into practice looking for the feeling of being present, as if it was somehow out of my current state !! I know it sounds funny, but that’s where I was. How can I find a presence anywhere other than where I am right now, and acceptance of the whole package?

Interestingly, though, I continued to show up, having experiences of resistance, and sometimes lacking. How to train our physical body, our mind has been trained to focus where we have trained them to focus. I had trained my mind to focus on what I don’t have. I also trained him to look for flaws in me and others! I’m not sure why I did this, I guess it doesn’t even matter right now.

So, unsurprisingly, this is what my mind did during meditation, I don’t have the feeling of being present, so I will generate resistance, it starts in the mind but it changes quickly how I feel emotionally, and my body would respond by creating firm bosses. of tension.

The cool thing, though, is that through observation I was able to notice this pattern, it was actually more noticeable in my body, when resistance leaves my thought process, things change, I feel deeply accepted. Can you imagine how you would feel if you deeply accepted everything about yourself? I cried really hard the first time (it was the best cry I’ve ever had). Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Guilt really has no ground in deep self-acceptance. Try it and let me know if there is guilt when you are 100 percent present with everything you are at any given time.

Every time I visit this space again there are fewer trapped emotions, and every day I add some to take away, it seems like an endless process. When I accept all things at any time, my physical body changes before my eyes, the chronic pains are relieved (not for good), but at least I could feel how I can exist differently to save my body all the stress stored.

Every day is a renewal, every day can be a complete restoration. And every day I have the experience of yesterday to teach me to show myself differently, as well as what to repeat (why change something that I think is great?). This is something I can say that our society does not value at least from my own lived experience, we are pressured to be in a certain way. Fit, which is unrealistic, so we all end up silencing our inner knowledge. The liberating moment is when we realize that society means much less when you begin to appear for you and your loved ones.

What do you think, is your time worth mindfulness?

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