I’m learning to trust …

A couple of days ago, Hayku and I were about to make a long journey (about 900 km)⁇ . I was nervous about it and a friend of mine suggested that I should ask for protection “up there.”

Well, even though I’m usually a little skeptical about these things, if you’re anxious, any little help counts, right?

So before I left, I sent a little prayer “up there.”⁇

The trip was smooth until I was randomly stopped at the Swiss borders.⁇ The cop asked for papers and … surprise surprise … he informed me that my driver’s license had expired! For almost 2 years! (Yes, I completely forgot to check⁇).

So I had to go to the station and he told me that I might not be able to drive and leave a car there, or if I’m lucky, I’ll continue but I’ll pay an incredible fine (about 1000 CHF). ⁇). But he has to call another cop because he can’t solve it for me.

Waiting for the new police to come and sweating in the waiting room⁇I remembered my little prayer this morning …

“So this is a smooth ride, eh, ‘guys.’ I had to laugh sarcastically.

… “No, apparently these things don’t work …”

After arguing with two other cops to no avail, they finally called the right one, who was entitled to deal with my “case.”

And (ladies), what a man! ⁇ Friendly, strong, but kind and also incredibly handsome!⁇ It was very helpful, resolved the situation and let me pass (even without a fine!), Of course, with the promise that I would renew my license early after I got home. What I did! ⁇⁇

IMG 20200728 154539

As I was leaving the border station, I looked up again. This time without sarcasm but with a small smile and a lot of gratitude.

⁇ May be…? ⁇

Have a great day!
(And check your driver’s license ⁇)

With love, Vero

⁇⁇ Oh, and before you leave, if you have any such experience, please share! What a curiosity to read these stories! ⁇⁇

Is “just” good luck? Or something “superior”?



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