If you’ve been told you’re “too”

“You are too emotionalnall … too sensitive … too strong … too dramatic … too demanding … “

When people tell us that we are too much, it usually means that they are not comfortable with the fact that we are genuine or that we fully express ourselves. At its core, each message sent a warning:

“You’re too much. STOP.”

Yes, sometimes we have to moderate how we present ourselves. Being rude, offensive, or endangering ourselves or others: these are cases for our honest introspection or apology.

In this post, however, I talk more about our deep, strong feelings, needs, desires, dreams, and hunger that could be criticized.

As a reaction to being called “too much,” we feel guilty and rejected for our excess, so we fall asleep and pull back. But there is a problem: in this way we are also closing our totality, vitality, vivacity, singularity, audacity … our unique authenticity.

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Now, a surprising question: What if it wasn’t too much? What if I said a lot more about the people who send the messages than about you?

Because if the person was conditioned to believe that their strong feelings, needs, desires, dreams, and hunger were “too much,” they may unconsciously project that message onto them. you.

So next time, when someone tells you how to “be too much,” explore it. Did you do something wrong that deserves an apology? Or are they reacting to something about you that is actually your own “unresolved business”?

And remember … there is a beautiful gift in your “multitude”. If you truly accept and embrace your self, you will unlock the incredible potential of your One Being.

What helps you get in and hug you “a lot?” For me it is through active meditation (movement) and breathing (where I can fully express all my emotions). What is your path?

PD Many thanks for a wonderful B of @theguidedword who shared a beautiful text that inspired me to write this post. look what he wrote:

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