How to stop worrying and start meditating! A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Learn to Meditate in this Beginner's Meditation Guide

Whether you are a beginner in meditation or have been trying meditation techniques, the blog will help you deepen your knowledge of meditation and also explain some tricks, implementing them in your meditation practice, would increase the gains from meditation and will also make the process longer. nice!

So let’s get to the heart of the matter, which is “Beginner’s Meditation Guide.”

For beginners:

For people who are just starting out with meditation, I just want to tell you one thing: be consistent! There are some things as important as being consistent in meditation. If you find it difficult to be consistent in your practice

So how do you meditate?

Just sit (or get up or sleep😊), close your eyes (just so no one can distract you) and observe!

Yes! You he did. They don’t need timers, they don’t need postures, no ingenious tools, no yoga
mats, nothing! Just you!

This is the essence of meditation. However, I think you should start like this:

  • Find a place, usually quiet first. BUT NOT YOUR BED! Never associate a place where you sleep with a place where you meditate.
  • Take things out of your body that might distract you, such as your phone, your smart watch, your socks, your glasses, your ribbons, and whatever you don’t need. Believe me! once you sit down to really meditate, these things will distract you in a way you may not have imagined!
  • Put the timer for about 5 to 10 minutes, better start with 5 (baby steps are better!).
  • Keep your phone in DND.
  • Take a few deep breaths to calm your body.
  • Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.
  • Slowly close your eyes after about 30 seconds of meditation (but don’t look at the timer!)
  • Watch it all! Your range, your body, the horns, the fan, the birds, everything!
  • After your phone rings, don’t get up all of a sudden and start telling everyone you’ve meditated! Just open your eyes slowly (or keep them closed until you’re tired), look at what you’re looking at with your eyes closed.
  • Watch how your brain feels. Stretch your legs and arms, yawn if you want! Get up and follow the rest of the day with a renewed mind!

There are many ways to meditate, which I have discussed here.

So now you you know how to meditate and decide to close this post and give it a try right now! Well
hold on well! Emotion ruins the game sometimes.

Here are 5 tips that I would have liked to know when I started!

  1. Don’t go to long hours. I can’t stress enough that doing long hours of meditation is extremely difficult if you are a beginner and sure to demotivate you. Start with baby steps. Meditating for 5 to 10 minutes for the first 10 days is more than enough!
  2. Make it a habit. Everything is possible if you make it a habit. According to the famous author of “The Power of Habit” Charles Duhigg, doing something daily at the same time for 21 days will make it a habit! You can try it for sure! Want to know more about how to make meditation a habit? Tell me in the comments, and I will do a detailed article on the subject.
  3. Do not be scared. ‘Am I doing well?’ “Does even meditation work?” ‘Oh! It’s just a waste of time! ‘ No, it is not! But it probably won’t work because you’re wasting your time worrying about sitting quietly. Put every thought aside. (that doesn’t mean trying to stop thoughts!) focus on one thing.
  4. It starts easily. Not going to meditate for long hours is one thing, but you also need to start calmly in your postures. You can sit or stand or sleep or be in any position while meditating! It is an exercise for the brain and not for the body!
  5. Group meditation. Believe me in this one! Practicing meditation with a friend, group, or partner becomes an easier habit than doing it alone. Motivation is the greatest result of group meditation! But choosing the right partner, friend, or group is even more important. Choosing the wrong person and forcing them to meditate so that you have company will only demotivate you! So choose well!

So that was it “Meditation Guide for Beginners”Ready for your first meditation session? Come in! Don’t be afraid of anything! It’s just a process that unfolds once you start! Please comment below if you have trouble getting started with meditation.

Also, in In the next posts, I’ll talk about some apps I’ve followed and I’ll tell you the difference between guided and unguided meditations.

Until then, keep trying, keep meditating, you’re doing well!

-A simple meditator

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