How to improve respiratory meditation

Breathing meditation is great meditation technique for beginners. It is also a technique that you can do while starting a meditation session.

The secret to getting better at anything is practice i understand the essence of that thing! And that’s what we’re going to do here. If you are unfamiliar with breathing meditation, I would suggest that you first read this article and learn its basics.

Monkey Mind needs to sit down!

Breathing meditation is really simple, but what makes it interesting is that it is really hard to master. Just sit back and concentrate on your breathing, but suddenly a thought takes over and before you know it, you’re dreaming of the food you’re going to eat tonight!

An integral part of this meditation technique is also know how to breathe again.
In terms of meditation, the mind is often known as a monkey. You can never settle! But you can train to jump less often. You are not sticking it to a stick, but leaving it free within a limited area and gradually lowering that area.
So when you find your monkey mind wondering in the jungle of stories, all you do is not panic and try to stop your thoughts and stories. But instead, only
it tries to analyze how the mind entered historyjust try to remember what was the tasty fruit that your monkey mind saw and left its place.
Once you know the initiator, keep that in mind. The next step is to get your mind focused on breathing. But you have to do it carefully, without forcing your brain! Not more tell your brain that what you were pursuing was just a story! And he will focus on breathing again!

As soon as you let your mind know the truth, there will be a brief moment when your mind will be thoughtless and you will feel lighter!

But not for long, because you’ll soon realize you’re not thinking! And guess what, this is a thought in itself!

Choosing the focus point

Another important thing to keep in mind while breathing mediation is to choose the focus point.
You have to focus on breathing while meditating is what they say! But where exactly should you focus! This question has bothered me at times to such an extent that I only concentrate more!
If this question ever bothers you, just think about it. What do you think first when I tell you to focus on breathing?
There could be many things, for example you could think about your nose and visualize the air coming in and out. you can feel your stomach expand and contract. You may also feel the air go down your lungs and out. these are all views! And there’s only one thing wrong with visualizations, which is that sooner or later you’ll start to change them.
So what do I mean by “change them”? I mean, maybe you’ll start looking at it from a different perspective and then start talking about which perspective is better! You could start a conflict with yourself if you visualize your nose or stomach!
There are endless things like this that will come to mind and distract you from concentration!
I’ve tried so many things, and that’s what works. just focus on the feeling and put a block curtain in your monkeys eye!
Look, it’s very difficult to stop a visualization, because our mind thinks mostly in terms of visualizations. So I find it easier to think that I am looking at a black curtain or looking at a starless night sky, and after the mind has fixed on the image and how it looks, it diverts my attention to the “sensation” of breathing!
This is the most important thing here, you need to focus on the feeling of meditation. But sooner or later, the visuals will start again. Repeat the same process, put on a black curtain again and start to feel your breath!
This is one of the most useful techniques I have found that allows me to focus on breathing for longer periods of time!
Whenever you meditate in the future and decide to do a breathing meditation, just implement these tricks I have explained to you here and check the results for yourself!
But don’t just limit yourself to breathing meditations, I suggest you cycle between the types of meditations! Here are the top 5 meditation techniques that have been part of my schedule for a long time!

So here it is “How to Improve Breathing Meditation”

Be consistent and keep experimenting, (these tips are the ones that have helped me, but meditation is different for each individual, as you have your own monkey, you have your own way of handling it! Experiment with different fruits and check What fruit do you like? Your monkey is the best! And control this fruit !! )
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