How Christmas helps to learn selflessness

Have you ever thought about your personalities and the personalities of others? How much do you care about others? Do you have that spirit of watching over other people and are you willing to lend a hand?

Well, for some people, giving and showing love to others has become their habit. Although some people see it as nothing because they have not realized the importance. Meanwhile, some people have the heart to give even when they don’t have much, so they keep saving time until Christmas time. Wondering why some people save up for the Christmas season?

In fact, Christmas is a time of goodwill. Meanwhile, during the Christmas season, it can be a difficult time for many people, such as orphans, to feel love and joy in the air this season as well. Well, this is a season to make everyone feel happy and grateful for the life you live.

In addition, the heart of showing kindness gives happiness and well-being to both the donor and the recipient because there is a feeling of fulfilling a purpose that the donor feels, while the recipient feels happy for some of the needs that have been met.

As described above, Christmas is associated with showing kindness. So how did Christmas help you learn self-sacrifice?

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No doubt Christmas has given us opportunities to be selfless. Some of them are described as follows:

  • Give space to volunteers

Volunteering is an act of selflessness because it helps change the lives of many people during the holidays.

Since the Christmas season is always a holiday and people are very free, therefore volunteer for a charity helpline, help in the kitchen, help with the wrapping of gifts for children without privileges, etc. it may be easier to embark.

  • Create a moment for a show of unexpected kindness

The atmosphere associated with Christmas is always spectacular, so people put a smile on a stranger’s face unexpectedly.

This simple, unexpected Christmas gesture can brighten someone’s day and make you feel satisfied with yourself.

Part of the simple, unexpected kindness could be giving a tip to friendly workers such as bartenders or waiters, or helping someone who has trouble with their luggage.

Another way could be to offer help with photos for people who are trying to do tourism, or to make snacks for homeless people, to make a real compliance.

  • It gives opportunities to make new friends

During the Christmas period, people offer to share gifts within the neighborhood.

As you move around to see if people share gifts and their well-being along the way, you can strike up a conversation with young or old, and this can end up being your closest friends ever.

This act of kind gesture allows you to meet lonely or isolated people. A lonely or isolated person may not be far from depressed.

Therefore, reaching out and having a conversation with these people can have a positive impact.

  • It allows you to show love to people through gifts and donations

It has been a common practice every Christmas to share gifts. Some people voluntarily help women and children escape domestic abuse during Christmas. This kind of present can change the world.

The usual way is to make donations for shelter packages. This shelter package can provide clothing and food for women who have suffered domestic abuse.


Christmas has always been a time when people exchange gifts. During the Christmas period, people also show love by volunteering, donating, and visiting.

Through these acts, people may become, knowingly or unknowingly, selfless. In addition, being selfless brightens people’s day and makes the world a better place.

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