Hatha Yoga For Lymphatic Health (45-min Flow) | Feel Good!

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Yoga: Preventing Neck Injuries

Yoga offers a lot of benefits. In fact, it can do wonders for neck problems too. In addition, it can also teach safer, healthier posture habits that will make your practice to go smoothly

Yoga Meditation Cushion As A Strong Painkiller

A lot of people occasionally suffer from neck pain and stress-related tension. However, some experts have said that meditation may offer a long-term relief to people suffering from this condition.

Boost Your Creativity With These 3 Poses

It happens to most of use. Sometimes, we make out plenty of time in our daily schedule. We ensure that we eat well, feed well, and rest well. We tidy up the surrounding so that we do not have anything else to do but create. Yet, when we finally sit ourselves down to make things happen, our minds are as blank as the white plain sheet of paper. If what you do for a living demands your creativity, then you might have experienced this stifled creativity at one point or another.

The Evolving Body Image Of Yoga

When you check the word “yoga” in Google, the image about the subject that you will see on the internet are all too similar. What you may likely see are tall, bendy, Caucasian people, especially women who are folded into pretzel-like poses.

Asana For Moms: Practices For Mindful Motherhood

Our minds, is a complex place where our somatic as well as past emotional imprints are very deep. In fact, the adventure of being a mother brings out all of these traits including the ones we did not even know we had. However, these imprints can be very surprising. It might even be frightening sometimes.

Restorative Yoga Practice For Better Sleep

Restorative yoga postures can be very effective, especially when they used to prepare the body for deep and restful sleep. Although you can make use of an hour or more to train your body for this, but making the time short can also be very useful too.

How Moms Can Create Time For Yoga

The first and number one commodity for parents is time. In fact, time is everything. However, as we venture into motherhood, it will be as though you went into vortex where time as you experience it before is now rare.

Yoga: Important Things To Know About Vinyasa

How do people view Vinyasa yoga? Do they see it as a workout or a calisthenics class? Do they think it is a yoga version that is all about sweating out without a meditation component? Well, if your views are similar to the ones provided above, then you will change your views about Vinyasa yoga after reading this.

Yoga: How Moms Can Re-Establish Connection To The Core

Especially for new moms, for them to strengthen their core, all it takes is to re-establish the connection to the transverse abdominis. Another way is for her to posses the ability to connect her front body to her back body. However, on a deeper level, it also involves re-engaging with one’s self and power.

Ways A Yoga Teacher-Training Program Will Make You A Better Teacher

The road to becoming a successful yoga teacher is very broad. Although there could be some form of huddles or discouragement, which in most cases might be stir up by you but once you are focused on getting there, you will definitely make it through. Joining a powerful and very effective yoga teacher-training program will make you to achieve you dreams of becoming a better yoga teacher faster.