Hatha Yoga Flow (Intermediate 45 Min Class)

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Yoga: 4 Things Your Students Will Like To Tell You

Practicing yoga has to come from within you. The decision to practice as well as the mind to practice. All must come from within you. There are some basic things that students might want to ask their teachers to do more or less, only if the get the chance to.

Yoga: Changing Your Diet With The Practice

If you find time to interview some group of students, ask them to identify reasons for them to improve their eating habits, then you would get some funny replies. Most of the reasons would be a desire for weight loss, healthy eating to deal with food allergies, intolerance or gluten sensitivity, some particular conditions of the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome, as well as inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease. Also, noticing that the usual way you diet leaves you feeling poorly, especially after you finish eating. Another factor that might motivate you is when you discover that you have early stage diabetes or even high cholesterol and have hope that you can get help from a change in your diet.

3 Qualities That Makes A Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Exceptional

There are traits that make a Vinyasa yoga teacher who he or she is. Although every Vinyasa yoga teacher is great, but some are just exception. Remember that when you teach yoga, you are not teaching it to animals but humans and people also came to you to teach them yoga for a reason too.

Why Everyone Needs A Vinyasa Yoga

Do you love the flow of your class? If you do, then that is Vinyasa yoga. Apart from the fun, there are other benefits of practicing the Vinyasa yoga. It will benefit both your body, mind and spirit. Here are some tips on how people benefit greatly from Vinyasa yoga.

Yoga: Better Breathing Will Enhance Your Practice

A lot of people do not consider breath-work to be important during their yoga practice. However, pranayama has been neglected by both yoga students and teachers. People pay much attention to asana, and forget that pranayama is also important. Give it a chance and you would see how, it will help to transform your practice.

Yoga: Helping Moms Cope With Stress

Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibilities that are demanding. The list is inexhaustible and only a few, can actually deal with all the situations completely. The question a lot of people ask is why are moms become so stressed? Some of the reasons why moms are stressed narrows down to the fact that they have a lot of responsibilities and expectations placed on them and they carry that with them anywhere they go.

How To Use Your Breath In Asana Practice

Every yoga teacher may have his or her own priority and style, which relates to when to inhale as well as exhale during a yoga asana. It might be a practice, which is not completely standardized but should be given much attention. Breathing is very important in any yoga practice, and this is why most yogi takes it seriously.

Yoga For Shoulder Tightness, Pain And Injury

One great truth about yoga is that everything is connected. However, when it comes to the case of the shoulder, it is very difficult to get the connection. The fact is that these joints are strong and located at the uppermost part of the body. So, if this is the case, what do they have to do with anything else?

How To Prevent Yoga Injuries

The fact is that every yoga their own story to tell. Some have tales of either a bum shoulder, sacroiliac joint, or knee. However, for someone to get injured during a yoga class, it shows that something was out of alignment during your practice.

Exploring the 5 Varieties of Yoga for Overall Wellbeing

The term “yoga” means unification. Many people think that it is nothing but a set of postures that help to make the body more flexible.