Hatha Yoga Flow

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30 Day Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life

30 day yoga teacher training programs give you over a full year’s training condensed into an intensive one month program. While this is a lot to learn in a short amount of time, the experience is highly rewarding for many who have attended. If you are living on campus during the courses, you will get a chance to live with others who will be sharing your profession. This usually leads to building life-long friendships with others in your profession.

Yoga Breathing to Silence the Mind

When the first Yogi practiced pranayama (Yoga breathing) to silence the mind, the results must have seemed magical. At times, calming the mind seems to be a miracle. The mind chatters so much during the course of a day, by creating waves of random and senseless thoughts.

Yoga – Tips for Those Taking Their First Class

Yoga is a series of postures or positions which are held for a period of time while doing breathing exercises or meditations. It has become increasingly popular over the last two decades as form of fitness and stress release. It is said to calm your body and mind to help achieve balance.

Different Types Of Yoga

Yoga is a holistic practice though for some it is more a spiritual practice and for others it is a fitness tool. There are numerous types of yoga and a style to suit every need. Some people choose to participate in group classes and others take up private practice, either alone or with a teacher.

The Emotional Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga is known for its physical benefits, which include increased flexibility, more stamina, and stronger muscles. Since Power Yoga is designed to provide the practitioner with a dynamic workout, there is less emphasis on aspects, such as: Meditation, mantra, mudras, and chanting, during a typical practice.

The Psychological Benefits of Yoga

While Yoga and psychology are uniquely different, they both have extremely promising futures. Both systems coexist easily, because each field is willing to adapt, and evolve, to meet the needs of humankind. Yoga is not psychology, but it is a good adjunct therapy for bringing one’s mind into balance.

The Importance Of Breath Control During Hot Yoga

During a hot yoga class, many aspects come together in order for practitioners to experience health benefits. There’s the heated room, allowing muscles to stretch further than usual, the poses which compress and extend muscles, and the dedication of the participants to hold each pose to increase their strength and flexibility. But a potentially overlooked aspect of hot yoga is breathing.

Battling a Cold With Yoga

Yoga might not help you build a better mousetrap, but it can help you battle the common cold. The congestion, fatigue, headache, and sore throat, which accompany the “common cold” can keep people at home all year round.

Postnatal Yoga for Mother and Child

Postnatal yoga is an excellent solution to the stresses of new motherhood and a great way to ease your body back into shape. You can also incorporate your baby into your yoga practice and bond with them as you exercise.

Yoga Relaxation for Anxiety Attacks

Instructors should design Yoga for stress workshops, or weekly classes for anxiety, depending upon local demand. Many relaxation techniques learned within Yoga teacher training intensives should be made available for students who are immersed in states of chronic stress. In fact, this is truly a matter of life and death.