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That’s why I’m honored and happy to share that I’ll be a guest expert on my good friend Jenny Emblom Castro’s new online group study course, Vitality, and registrations are now open.

Jenny is the founder of Attune. Based on his personal experience, training and extensive studies, he believes that under any health problem there is a well of wisdom that can open a great healing and change in one’s life if you approach it from a place conscious, consistent and loving. The health challenges she has gone through have supported her with significant healing and she has been a great teacher. And its mission is to bring you this wisdom and knowledge directly.

In this 7-week course, you will learn innovative techniques and ancient wisdom from Jenny and world-renowned experts, including myself, in health and wellness to optimize your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health.

Within this sacred container and community of like-minded ideas, you can …

  • Feeling empowered with your health when you tune in to your body’s innate wisdom and learn ways to integrate more fully.

  • Get to the root of your deepest unresolved issues that keep you from getting there all your potential and true happiness.

  • Use effective tools to support your healing and growth create regenerative balance, clarity and connection in your life.

  • In addition, much more …

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