Folds, twists and turns: how to do it

Vinyasa Curt: folds, back flexions and twistsHere’s an idea you can build on … plan your class with three types of positions in mind: forward bends, back bends, and turns.

Folds, twists and turns are free; your body will begin to crave them as you progress through the class.

Basically, you will follow the pattern suggested by Rupali in this short Vinyasa on folds / Backbends / Twists. Show three repeats of this pattern in the video below. Feel free to keep adding more, including standing postures done the same way.

I have used this topic in the past when planning a non-traditional Ashtanga class—Aimed at my most advanced students who practice at least the Primary and Middle School series. Within the first two series of Ashtanga yoga there are many of these types of postures to play and mix them into a single flow.

Creating a fun (read: playful) class with positions from these series is a great way for students to still get their Ashtanga solution, but also to stretch their minds and concentrate a little, because they don’t know what will happen.

Encourage your students to hold on to a consistent, deep ujjayi breathing throughout the practice, especially because they don’t know what will come next! Doing so is the hallmark of an experienced yoga practitioner, any style.

Try this Vinyasa Short first and see what kind of inspiration you can get to liven up your classes, either by “playing” with Ashtanga or building a well-rounded flow of vinyasa. Notice how flexible and strong your spine feels afterwards.

I’d love to know which poses you combine, so feel free to leave me a comment with the names of the poses so I can try them out in my own practice … mahalo!

This blog is a work of love and is dedicated to serving the yoga community and its amazing teachers. Comments are appreciated … let us know what you think and share your experience with our readers!

folds, twists and turns

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