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Focus. For a brief moment, let yourself forget who you are and how you came here. Look at the present moment as if you knew absolutely nothing about it. Forget about the last couple of hours and detach from everything it is you think you’re going to do after. This is what they call the present moment. Sages dwell in this time space as if nothing else existed. And perhaps, nothing else ever existed.

Now consider this: everything you think you know about yourself, your past and your future, is fictionally. It is a story that once you decided to latch onto it and make it your own, it became an experience that you choose for yourself. Yes, even those absolutely unquestionable memories of what you had for dinner last night and that time you went to a park when you were 5 years old. all of it. Everything. Fiction.

Now, where do we draw the line? If everything you remember and everything you think to know about what’s coming is fiction than what do we make of this now? How do we relate to what is? How do we make sense of it? Well, this is where it gets juicy.

You don’t need to know. Your stories may serve you at a certain level, but if you’re willing to go that “extra mile” they might prove themselves to be superfluous. Excess information which inhibits you from seeing the situation clearly, from being in the now, purely and simply. Sometimes, well in fact most times, we use our stories to protect ourselves. From what you may ask? That is the million dollar question which only the experience itself will reveal to the experiencer. And only he who is curious and courageous enough will live to tell the tale.

Now go on, let the stories all come back to you, but with fresh eyes. Look with discernment at what you have chosen to believe about yourself and your existence in the world. What sustains distortions and what helps you move deeper into that which you came to move through? Let go, over and over. Empty yourself so many times and so much that eventually you can see that there is no need to fill yourself up ever again. Why? Because you are full already. You are beyond the cup. The cup is your story. What seemingly contains you. But you, your ultimate essence and being cannot be contained. You’re the cup, what’s in it and everything around it.

Now close your eyes for just a second. Breathe. And open them again. Now you are here.

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