Flexibility for Beginners – Yin Yoga NO PROPS

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Yoga Lovers – Are You Stuck In A Rut? – Shake Up Your Yoga Practice Today

If you’ve been doing yoga for a while (or maybe, you’re just thinking about taking your first class), I’d like you to consider if you might be in a bit of a ‘yoga rut’. Doing/practicing the same type of yoga week after week, month after month limits your practice, and it limits your body’s ability to being in sync with your changing physical and emotional needs. Learn to spot if you are indeed in ‘yoga rut, and get an intro to 5 amazing and different yoga practices that you might not yet have heard of, or tried. Yet!

Yoga Pose Modifications for Back and Neck Pain

You may be surprised to learn how the practice of yoga can be highly beneficial in easing body aches and pain. Importance is stressed, however, in performing the pose correctly.

Yoga Beyond the Mat

Many Americans are realizing that yoga is more than a series of poses. True yoga encompasses a much broader aim: to understand reality as it is.

Learn a Discipline With Private One To One Yoga Classes

Lead a happier and healthier lifestyle with the ancient discipline of yoga. Through body movements and breath work you will be exercising and also reaching a peaceful state of mind. You can book one on one session with a tutor or join a class and learn this way, find out more today.

Yoga Can Assist in Relief of Asthma

Yoga offers a range of techniques and attitudes that have the potential to relieve asthma, including specific breathing exercises and disciplines. There are physical postures and attitudes or Asanas, nutritional and dietary considerations in addition to other natural health practices followed such as massage and aromatherapy.

The Roots Of Yoga in Hindu Mythology

Most people practice yoga today with little knowledge of its origins. To understand the soul of yoga, let us explore its history, stretching (excuse the pun) back to Indian mythology.

Yoga Develops One’s Mindset

Yoga is a ancient discipline, which develops one’s mindset and enhances wholesome human well-being through the practice of physical and mental exercises. Since its origin in India, yoga has continued to be practiced by an increasingly wide cross-section of people. Perhaps one reason why yoga training is so popular is its perceived simplicity.

Yoga Exercises for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that is about focus (paying attention). The great thing about mindfulness is that it is a practice that can be extended towards any object, function, or task. You could be mindful of anything. Mindfulness has even been shown to reduce stress levels. Mindfulness is paying attention to your experience of focusing within the present time.

Basic Breathing Tips for Yoga Beginners

Breathing serves as the foundation, the core of yoga. Those beautiful poses are regulated by breath and deep meditation is guided by breath. Mindfulness is cultivated through this most vital of forces. Pranayama (control, extension of the breath) is one of the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga, but you will find that purposeful breathing runs deep in every yogic philosophy. Learn to love it. Take a deep breath.

Is Yoga Really As Beneficial As They Say for Fighting Stress?

Are the stresses and strains of modern life having a negative effect on you, trying to keep up with the neighbours, that great promotion you’ve always wanted, kids needing to be chauffeured here there and everywhere, the feeling that there are just not enough hours in the day, people are always saying “take a deep breath” but surely this is just a quick fix that can’t help in the long term? Question is – is there some method to their madness? How can a deep breath help with anything and if it can surely its worth dedicating an hour a week to it?