Do you feel tired? A simple question for a worn heart

Hi beautiful people, how are you in there?

Man, we’re sure we’re experiencing overwhelming times right now. Political instability, racial injustice, and the pandemic have left many of us in a state of spiritual PTSD. With climate change and technological disruption in the background, many of us are being pushed to the point of despair and despair.

So if you’re feeling a little tired of battle, man, you know this – you’re not alone and nothing happens to you. This … this is hard.

These days, the question that continues to guide me toward actions of self-compassion and self-awareness is the question I invite you to pause to ask yourself right now. It’s just that …

What do you need?

Need more rest? Need more support from friends? Need to say yes to something or maybe not? Need to cry, play, dance, hug, talk to a therapist, eat better? What do you need … honestly, really?

My invitation is to continue to look at this issue on a daily basis. Maybe even stick it in the fridge or mirror. Let me remind you to take care of yourself, to connect with yourself in an honest and loving way.

In a world where many of us feel so disconnected, let this question reconnect you with yourself, over and over again.

I am thinking of you, and I wish you ease, strength, and presence.

With love,


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