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Most humans are very familiar with their own body and mind, or at least are aware of their existence. However, many of us have never done the internship that connects us to ALL layers and as a result we remain disconnected or unfamiliar with them.

For example, even though we all know we have a body, EVERYONE has body blind spots: weak muscles or joints that we have no control over. Your yoga practice (asana) will help you to illuminate your blind spots, it will pave the way for you to physically deepen your yoga practice.

Similarly, we can become aware of our mental layer by observing our thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns. Through meditation, contemplation, self-research, and guided discussions with a teacher (satsang), it is possible to be more alert to our inner experience and finally make changes in our mindset and behaviors. This is how to deepen the practice of yoga on a mental level.

The same goes for life force. Through breathing practices (pranayama) and other forms of energy observation and deliberate action, we can become aware and control over our energy system.

Through the proper use of these practices of asana, meditation, and pranayama, we naturally remove the layers that otherwise veil our inner self: happiness and consciousness. CONSCIOUSNESS is the core of our being, and in order to “deepen” our practice, it is essential that all practices be imbued with being more conscious: more aware of the body, the breath, the mind, happiness, and the consciousness of consciousness. .

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