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Dear yogis and souls wandering this beautiful planet,

Did you stumble here by chance? Or has he conspired all his life to get you right here?

Regardless of how you come to explain your existence and the divine synchronicity or chance that has brought you here, there is one undeniable variable:

You are here now.

And here you are now, perhaps contemplating the how and why of it all or just surrendering and happy without any necessary explanation. But if it happens that on some conscious or subconscious level you have come here for the sake of clarity, I will do my best to assist you in this endeavor.

But first, let me warn you that clarity is not all that it seems when you sit marinating in the fumes of your own confusion. In fact, it is often the pursuit of this clarity that makes us forget and fall short of what confusion is trying to give us. You see, many times (and I dare say it every time) there is something to be recognized in the things we try to avoid and discard.

Is the clarity you seek then something that can be obtained through something external, or is it possibly a deeper state of acceptance and surrender to all that is already within you?

We have been conditioned to seek out of ourselves the things upon which we project our salvation. However, it is very likely that nothing will live up to these expectations and desires, which is why this is a call to turn us on.

It may not be more elegant than looking for it so that you can realize once again that you are complete and that everything you can achieve externally is already within your internal reach.

And with that, my friends, I ask you to do it. And when you’re done, go back. And again and again. Either way. Because God knows that there is no single way to do it, but endless ways that we are all here to explore.

So we have fun doing it, right?

Lots of love!

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